Friend-Zoned: Signs & How to Get Out of it

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It’s terrible to receive a hunch of rejection from someone more than just a friend to you. And when the knock-back comes as “we’re good as buddies,” then it’s viler than a head-on rejection. The term for such refusal is “Friendzone“. It’s expressed in a visionary situation among two friends where one wishes to have a romantic relationship but the other doesn’t.

This mismatch of behaviour occurs when both individuals are not getting mutual satisfaction. Getting friend-zoned by someone means you’ve lost the opportunity of being a romantic partner permanently. It seems more unsatisfying and unfair than any other rejections, as they want to keep you near but only behind closed doors. Although you can still use some funny pick up lines to make them laugh and feel normal.

Friendzoned: The problem with being "friendzoned"

Friendzone: The Problem With Being “Friend Zoned”

Compared to direct rejection, the friendzone is more challenging to accept. The biggest problem with being friend-zoned is, if you convey your actual feelings to the other mate, you may get sealed with the friendship tag forever. In the nutshell, there is no room for any romantic or sexual relationship after receiving a friendship tag.

The “friend zone” acts as a barrier between friendship and romance. It forces you to pick one. Once your kindness and affection get interpreted as friendship, there is no possible way to break this friendship zone and create a romantic connection with them.

Signs that you’ve been Friend Zoned

Well, your instincts might have given an alert if you’ve been friend zoned. It’s visible in the other person’s signs. Their texts are unclear and more reserved, treat you like a sibling, talk about their ex freely with you, and more such things that you might have sensed by now. If not, here are some common signs that would surely spot Friendzone.

Signs that you've been Friend Zoned

You contact her to organize drinks or dinner and she invites your entire friendship group along

If this happens with you with any mutual discussion, then definitely it’s a clear sign of a Friendzone. It’s better to hold the opportunity and be a gentleman in front of their friends. Girls consider their female friend’s opinions, likes, and dislikes before making any choice. So, you have time to be their choice.

She’s more than happy for you to see her in gym kit and no make-up

Honestly, girls don’t prefer to show up with their messy looks in front of anyone. If you often see her feeling comfortable in those gyms wear with no make-up, means she doesn’t feel that attraction for you.

She rings you on a regular basis ‘just for a chat’

If she often calls you and discusses the current date with some other guy, then you’re in the Friendzone territory already. It’s a matter of deep concern for you.

She talks openly to you about boys she’s attracted to and her ex

Don’t mistake it as if she is talking about her feelings for some other boy to make you feel jealous. If she is talking about thinking like that, she treats you as a good friend.

She’s completely comfortable sharing a bed with you and/or spooning

They create a safe distance from the man who doesn’t return a friendly vibe. If she is comfortable sharing a bed with you, means she treats you like a sibling or buddy.

You’ve made a pact that if you’re not married by 40, you two will get married

If she likes you, she won’t discuss marriage with you. If she says things like, ” let’s get married if both of you’re not marred by 40″ so, you won’t have to die alone.

She has no problem getting changed in front of you

No, it’s not that she likes you and so she is comfortable changing in front of you. It means that she treats you like one of her female friends.

You find yourself consoling her after a breakup

If she cries after a breakup and you end up consoling her thinking that she thinks of you, then you’re taking it wrong. She just wants a shoulder to cry on, just like her other friends.

She’s ever said that you are ‘like a brother to her’

Game Over! You’re already friend zoned. If she said that you’re like a brother or bro, it’s time for you to realize that things won’t stand out for you.

She tells you how perfect you are…for someone else

They would introduce you to your friends to set you up with them. It’s a clear signal of no jealousy, which means they’re happily finding someone for you.

She’s always hugging you, openly asking you to pay her attention

If she is being that touchy and affectionate in public, it simply means she feels no physical chemistry or sexual attraction towards you. You might give a clear, friendly vibe.

How to Escape The Friend Zone

How to Escape The Friend Zone

If you’re clear that you’ve been friend-zoned, the best thing you can do is go with the flow. Reacting over it with anger or feeling down over rejection is going to lead you over no zone. All you can do is, remained their friend or completely cut off from their life. It’s better to be straightforward with your actions. You can be a gentleman and follow their choice. If they see you as a friend, be respectful show your sincerity. Or else, don’t force things in between. It’s better to save your energy for someone who’s meant for you.

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Being friendzoned by the person you like is painful. It feels like the end of everything but that’s not true. You can find someone more compatible and right for you. It’s worthless to waste your energy on someone who doesn’t feel for you. You may find a new friend and feel the same way for them and luckily they too return your feelings. So, it’s useless to push over things. This is not something that a gentleman does.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the Friend Zone Happens… and How to Avoid It?

There are several reasons for getting friendzoned. You might have chosen the wrong person or you might not be attractive to that person. You can avoid this at an earlier stage.

Why being friend-zoned isn’t the end of the world?

It’s not that things are going to end here. You can have a new friend who feels the same physical and emotional chemistry as you.

What’s the Best Way to Get Out of a Friend Zone?

The best way to get out of the friend zone is to let it happen and be their friend or you can cut off completely.

What’s the best way to raise your confidence?

The best way to raise your confidence is to look through what you have instead of denial over things you haven’t achieved.

What if you’re never getting out of the friend zone?

It is possible to dig out of an uneven, “friend zone” exchange with a little persuasion and influence. Just remember to focus on your own worth. Don’t be desperate and be willing to walk away.

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