Effective Ways To Make The First Move

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How To Make The First Move

It feels beautiful when your heart races as soon as you see a person. You blush at their name, their mere presence makes you feel so happy. You make sure you have the looks to die for, and all you feel is love in the air but these feelings are not that exciting if the guy does not know about it.

It is not just a man’s responsibility to make the first move. We talk about women’s empowerment but we wait for men to make the first move, usually, guys always show love by hitting a pick up line or through any other way. If you feel you must say it. Maybe not all women feel shy, some of them might have the fear of rejection.

How to Make the First Move?

Rejection and acceptance are secondary matters but it becomes very important to express feelings and pour the heart out! There are several ways how to make the first move.

Test the Waters

You may not be able to express your feelings due to the fear of rejection. So before making your first move, just know if the guy is interested in you. There are ticks to confirm this, try them once.

Notice if he treats you differently while you are in a group, the way he responds to your messages or misses you if you are not there around tries to make eye contact with you, remember your special days. If you get a green signal for these things know that he is interested in you.

Do not be over-anxious

Nervousness causes a mess. Thought of making the first move will cause you anxiety indeed but try to control it. It would be best if you share this anxiety with your guy. When he will understand the situation, it will help you stay calm.

You may motivate yourself before speaking to him. Maybe practising in front of a mirror or taking deep breaths before the meeting will do the trick.

Find the right setting

Now that you have decided to make the first move to a guy, do not just hustle it. Give proper time in planning the most important moment of your life. Like girls, guys dream of such things too!

Give thought to important things like his meetings if he is working. Do not put him into the dilemma of choosing between you and work because he will have to choose you out of embarrassment but his mind will be distracted.

Try not to confess your feelings over the text. You might not see his actual reaction and it will spoil the moment.

Buy Him a Drink

Ever wondered why do men ask you for drinks at parties? Well girls it is a fantastic way to initiate a conversation. It will upgrade your casual conversation to an interesting one. If you buy him a drink, he will find you confident and bold.

Buying him drink will be the awkward silences too! You may take it as a conversation starter. Also, your other female friends will be motivated to make the first move to a guy! Jokes apart, It is one of the greatest components of interaction.

Charm Him

Charm is your biggest weapon ladies. It is in your blood. Gather his all attending through your body language, arouse him in every sense, give him a closer body contact and let him feel your fragrance, or use your magnificent communication skills to charm him.

Men find intelligent women more charming. Try using your brain along with your body. Show him you are a beautiful person and he is all yours.

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Body Language Clues

Give him small hints through your body language. Hold his hand while talking, put your hand around his shoulders, or lean on his shoulder. These clues work where words fail and it may also ark you as a good girlfriend.

These are the exact moments men crave for, you must know they show very little of what they desire and if you are able to create his dream moments, you have already won his heart. Physical touches and small body gestures work faster than words. They help to create a spark.


In earlier times, no woman would ever think to make the first move towards a guy but according to a study, 94% of men love when women make the first move towards them. Men would obviously love strong and confident women.

It is fair enough that feelings must first be expressed by the one who has caught them first. You should not feel afraid of expressing what you feel. If they say they do not feel for you, do not get angry and you must not force them to come in a relation with you.


How do I make the First Move on a guy through text?

Send him relatable SMS or meme, give hints through emojis, or talk about how happy you feel when you are around him.

What Do Guys Think When A Girl Makes The First Move?

They feel overwhelmed. They will fall in love with the confidence and boldness that you have, and they would be impressed with you as they find you strong and independent.

How do you tell if he wants you to make the first move?

He will constantly try to impress you and do everything you like, he would introduce you amongst his friends, he will always try to help you.

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