Insecurity in Relationship & How to Stop Being Insecure

Do you often find yourself seeking attention from your partner? Or do you keep asking questions that are a bit too much? Signs like these indicate that you are feeling insecure in the relationship. Insecurity in Relationships is nothing new, it happens with many couples because of many different reasons. People feel insecure in relationships even when they are loved and cared for by their partners. This leads to harming the relationship, which they treasure the most.

Your relationship doesn’t have to suffer all the time because of your insecurities. If you take the right steps you can get rid of personal insecurities. You need to look for signs of relationship insecurities. Work on the root cause of your insecurities and build a healthy relationship. You can also cop up with some best pick up lines by showing love to your partner. With the help of this article, you can know how to stop being insecure, no matter what stage of your relationship you are in.

Insecurity in relationships

Insecure in Love?

When you are too possessive or jealous in a relationship, feelings of insecurity will reach you. When you cannot trust your partner enough to give them the space they need, it can destroy a healthy relationship. It mostly happens in long distance relationships, when you stay away and can’t meet for so long then such insecurity arises and you will not feel peaceful.

Insecurity Signs

Below are some insecurity signs that will help you identify if you don’t feel too great in your relationship.

Fear of losing your partner

Trust and honesty together make the foundation for a healthy relationship. When you believe in your partner, you don’t question their thoughts ad so it’s important to be a better lover. If you always want to stay close to your partner, it means you might fear losing them.

Feeling jealous

A healthy relationship takes care of all the parameters like love, trust, honesty and faith. When there’s a lack of trust factor in your relationship, it might make you feel jealous and insecure to see your partner hanging out with someone else.

Doubting your partner’s intentions

If you constantly doubt the intentions and whereabouts of your partner, it might ruin your relationship. In a healthy relationship, it’s very essential that you support your partner’s ideas and avoid fighting on small issues.

Having too many expectations

If you have too many expectations and need some sort of validation all the time, it means you are not comfortable being alone. When you always cling to your partner, it means you feel empty inside and might need some healing.

You avoid resolving conflicts

When you try to run away or escape from things, it simply means you don’t feel courageous enough to face them. At some point, you need to face some arguments to sort things out to make them better.

Having complaints

Complaints are often born from insecure feelings. We complain only when we are not satisfied with what we already have. You’ll never be able to enjoy the benefits of a healthy relationship if you are always busy judging your partner.

How to Stop Being Insecure in a Relationship?

Practice self-care

One can get rid of their insecurities by building their self-esteem. Cheer yourself up by watching a comedy show/movie whenever you feel low. Read entertaining novels. Think of all the blessings you have in your life. Remind yourself of all the happy moments when negative thoughts try to immerse you. Nobody knows your problems better than you. Be kind enough to handle yourself with all the care you need.

Find the root cause

Sometimes, it’s good to judge our circumstances so that we can gain enough wisdom to become more alert, aware and awake lives. Sit with your feelings and review your behaviour. Ask relationship questions and understand each other’s perspectives. Reflect upon how things are going and give yourselves time to absorb them. Make changes if you are not happy with any situation.

Have faith in yourself

Have faith that you are stronger than your battles. Remember that no challenge is too difficult to conquer. Try to look at the positive side of things. Forgive yourself for your past mistakes as quickly as you forgive everyone else.

Don’t overthink

We are what we make ourselves by thinking an empowering thought every time we get a degrading thought. Whenever something troubles you, observe your thoughts and re-write the script in a positive manner. Whenever the going gets tough, remember that you can always slow down and take one moment at a time.

Give some space to your partner

Respect the differences between you and your partner. Don’t overstep their boundaries. Give them the necessary space so that they can sort things out in their own life. You can also have some space to work on your own life goals. This will definitely inspire your partner too to become a better person.

Insecurity in relationships

Let go of the negative past experiences

Tough fights often make us stronger only if we choose to learn from them and not repeat the same mistakes. Use learning from past experiences and then follow your heart. Sometimes, you need to fight for your rights and other times, when you think you should let go, you deserve peace. Don’t let the negative experiences from your past ruin your beautiful future.

Don’t avoid uncomfortable conversations

Uncomfortable situations often lead to our growth in multiple ways. It takes a great deal of courage to share your vulnerability with someone. Be bold, be unapologetic when it comes to expressing your emotions. Spend time together, explore some unique date ideas, and go on a date, talk about good things.

Use social media in a limited way

Comparison will destroy you. If you’ll continuously stay stuck on social media, you’ll end up complaining that everyone else has got a better life than yours. Such feelings can make you demand more things from your partner. Also, if you’ll constantly check different accounts to stalk your partner, it will make you question their intentions. Ultimately, your bond won’t remain healthy for a long time. So, try using social media only for the necessary refreshment.

Reach out to your friend

Talk to a close friend and try to express your feelings. It will always make you feel light-hearted. If you’ll openly discuss your problems with your friends, they might be able to share some really good solutions from their own experiences. Their advice might surely help you to overcome insecurities without much effort.

Channel your anxiety into productive things

Build your confidence by trying new things which involve some creativity. Play chess or puzzle games with your friends. Watch your favourite show/movie and come up with funny comments in your mind. Paint/sketch a picture of your favourite person and many more things that can help if you are willing to stay positive. All these things will inspire your partner too to do the same.


All of the ways mentioned above can help you get rid of insecurity in your relationship only if you are willing enough to work upon them. No challenge in life is too tough to overcome. Moreover, challenges are nothing but some kind of test in life so that we can discover our hidden powers. Simply shifting your perspective to a positive one can sometimes help you to look at the bright side of things.