How To Play Hard To Get – Tips That Work

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How to play hard to get

A woman would always love it if the guy will chase her. It is the tendency of a woman to make boys run after her. She will play hard to get with the guy to make him desire her passionately. She will love the fact that the guy who already likes her, wants her more.

Women usually prefer to have a lot of options around them, despite the fact that they might just be interested in one or none. She feels power when so many boys are attracted to her, hit pick up lines and make effort. It is her point of satisfaction.

She just wants a guy to find her attractive and irresistible and she can do it even with her eyes shut! Playing hard to get with a guy is something like she has taken birth for but she might not be playing hard to get into commitment issues with him but she is just trying to attract potential partners.

How To Play Hard To Get

What exactly is playing hard to get?

Playing hard to get is basically a tactic used by women to make a man chase her. She can play hard to get with a guy who is already interested in her or the one who is not at all interested in her. Her motto behind playing this game is just to tease the guy and make him chase her.

She tries to use various tactics to develop your interest in her. She would send you flirty texts, use erotic voice over the phone call, or might show you her new cute dress! All these actions will make the guy feel irresistible about her. There is no doubt in the fact that guys enjoy this teasing and flirting.

Playing hard to get is a skilful game that can make you a relationship hero if you are able to make your potential mate, chase you. It is not necessary that a woman will lay hard to get only with the guy she has an interest in. Rather she can play it with the one who is not interested in her.

What exactly is playing hard to get?

Why do you need to learn how to play hard?

Dear women, you definitely need to learn how to play hard because this is going to make your potential mate desire you even more. You must use different techniques from time to time so that the guy finds no area to lose interest in you.

It is crucial for you to do something to keep their focus on you. If you know to play hard to get, your demand will probably increase. Just think if a guy will constantly have all of you then how will they desire you. There will not be any scope of exploring more about you for them.

How to play hard to get?

Playing hard to get is such fun to play. You will really enjoy teasing your crush and they will enjoy your efforts to make them want you more. Here are some easy peasy tricks which will help you play hard to get with your crush.

Keep it playful

Use simple tricks to keep it playful. You and your crush should enjoy the game. None of the feelings and sentiments should get hurt when you play hard to get. The game is played to kill the sexual tension in a romantic relationship.

You can give your crush hints that sound flirty. You can try to tease them with anything like sending them a photo of your bikini you bought recently for your girl’s trip. When you will play this way, they will definitely be wanting more and more from you.

Once you are about how to play had to get with your crush, you both will really enjoy playing it.

Guage their boundaries

You must measure their boundaries before you decide how to play hard to get with your boyfriend. If you will know how they will like to play the game, it will be easier for you to make them crave you. This will stop you from doing something that they will hate, like calling them early morning.

Once you know what will work for them, you are good to go. Remember that you are playing the game because you want them to want you more and not to annoy them because of your actions.

Keep it balanced

Playing hard to get requires a bit of effort and it is important to set healthy boundaries. You want them to show interest in you so you need to be consistent in the play. Likewise, if you are chatting with them, do not leave the conversation in between. Leaving in between will annoy them and they will end up losing interest.

You can give them more time and put some extra effort into your committed relationship.  They will pay heed to your efforts and it will be maintained.

Physically play hard to get

Keeping the sexual chemistry alive will be the queen’s play of how to get it hard. Nothing can make men want more than the physical touch of a woman. You agree or not but that’s the truth.

Suppose you went on a date with your current crush and while seeing off you gave him a peck on his cheeks. This would literally give him a 440-volt shock and he will definitely be wanting more of you. After all who won’t like a kiss from a beautiful woman.

They will not anticipate these hints as an invitation to have sex if they are seriously interested in you. These physical gestures will show him that you are interested in him and he will revert the same.

Know when to stop

Everything should be done within a limit. Hard to play with a guy will be fun when you will know when to stop. If you will cross the line, the entire game will turn opposite. You want them to chase you but do not let them lose interest in you.

Suppose your current crush is asking you to meet them after a long time of knowing you and you are teasing them for a week and making them wait to meet you. In time limit, they will like it and enjoy this but if you continue to do this for a month, he will get tired of waiting for you and will lose his interest in you.

Remember you are not testing his feelings for you, you are just trying to want him more of you. So just keep your focus on your plan.

Give just enough attention

When you seek attention from someone, you need to give the required attention to them. While playing hard to get, Give them the required attention but not too much of it. Likewise, if you have sent him a text and you are waiting for the reply, do not send him so many messages until he makes a reply for the first one. It will sound desperate and you will end up losing the game.

If he will get more attention from your side, he will lose interest in you, the element of mystery will break down and the game will be finished.

Don’t take things to the extreme level

While playing hard to get, you must keep reminding yourself of how to play hard to get texting rules and the thing that it is just for fun. You just want them to be a bit more curious about you and a little more interested in you. So, you better not take it to the extreme level.

Suppose if you are flirting with someone else in front of your current crush just to test the water, do not take it to the extreme level. Once you realize that it is affecting them, just stop doing that else they will think you are not interested in them.

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Playing hard to get is a playing tactic to create interest of your potential partner to desire you. Both men and women can play hard to get with their potential partners. The game should be played light-hearted and you must not have the intention of hurting their feelings.


Does playing hard to get work?

It works in most cases. It makes your potential mate chase you.

How do you win hard to get?

Give them chance to miss you, let them crave sex from you, give them chance to make efforts, and keep their interest alive.

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