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80+ Suspicious Among Us Pick Up Lines to Divert Their Mind

Gwen Adams

Want a killing date with an imposter? Or are you interested in an innocent crewmate? To start flirting with any of those, you definitely need to read the full article to get awesome one-liners to break the ice with your crush.

To start the first conversation with your crush in a fun and quirky way is the greatest move ever. It is always nice to make your crush laugh and if both of you guys are Among us fans, why not use among us pickup line?

Here are the best among us pick-up lines that work magically when you and your crush are die-hard among us game fans.

Among Us Lines for Girls

1. If you were the impostor and I was being called sus, I would take the ejection for you.
2. Can you come to the med bay with me? My heart’s aching.
3. Let’s play in MIRAHQ so that it will be just the two of us.
4. Somebody calls an emergency meeting! I think I finally found the one who stole my heart.
5. can’t breathe…is it because you sabotaged O2 or is it because I’m madly in love with you?
6. Are you in navigation? You just chart a course to my heart.
7. I am not an imposter. My feeling for you is true.
8. Somebody calls an emergency meeting. I think I finally found the one.
9. That scan cannot show all the love I have for you.
10. Attention Is Required at the Medical Bay! My heart hurts for you.

Among Us Lines for Boys

11. I promise you; I didn’t vent but if you’re in there, I would.
12. Damn girl, are you the reactor sabotage? Because you make my heart melt down.
13. [Insert color] is Sus. I saw her kill my interest in others.
14. All I saw on cams was that sweet body run around my mind.
15. I’d sabotage the doors if that means getting you alone in the room with me.
16. The Polus lava is not nearly as hot as you are.
17. Damn girl, it is important to fix Comms. How about you give me your number?
18. Girl I am going to break down your wall.
19. Girl, I voted you into my heart at first sight.
20. Girl, I will never be the imposter with you.
21. There’s no way that [color] is sus…. because they’ve been running through my mind the entire game.
22. There is a hottie among us.
23. You’re depleting my oxygen levels because you’re so beautiful.

Cheesy Among Us Lines

24. Hey, were you in navigation because I found my way to you.
25. I would never close the door on you unless it locks both of us in one room.
26. We don’t need to fix the electricity when there’s so much electricity between us.
27. I’m trying to break down the wall and you’re putting your shields up.
28. Are you the card swiping task? Because I’d swipe right on you.
29. Babe, an angel is among us. And that is not me.
30. Did you just fix the electrical? Because you are stunning.
31. Girl, you need a kill cooldown. Because you just owned me.
32. Someone might have sabotaged the lights, but you are still my shiny star.
33. Vote me off anytime, because I would die for you.
34. Yikes! It seems like Comms went down… maybe you should give me your number just in case it happens again.
35. Someone may have just sabotaged the lights, but your smile still lights up the room.
36. I have a lot of tasks to complete still, but I’d love to do you first.
37. Are you an Among Us public lobby? Coz you’re always a 10/10.
38. If we play among ourselves can I be the impostor? Because I want to take you out

Funny Among Us Lines

39. It wouldn’t be Polus without us in it.
40. Can you please fix the wires to jumpstart my heart?
41. Only you can read my mind when the comms are sabotaged.
42. Why do you look more troubled than any impostor has?
43. It’s only Polus because we are in it.
44. The only thing that would separate us is the reactor.
45. There’s so much electricity between us we can power the whole ship.
46. Oh did you just get ejected from the game? Okay, I need to change my color then… since I’m so blue without you.

Dirty Among Us Lines

47. “Is that a gun in your pocket or are you really happy to see me?”
48. Can we navigate this ship to the bedroom?
49. If you were in the cafeteria, you would be the only snack I choose from the vending machine.
50. It’s time to navigate this to the bedroom.
51. Hey, are you a vent? Because I’m the imposter and I’d love to come in you.
52. Figuring out the imposter is hard…. but I’ve got something harder.
53. Hey, are you busy later? Because I’d love to explore your lower engine.
54. Hey, you’re done with your tasks, right? Wanna come explore my cockpit then?
55. If you’re the imposter, I’d love to be the vent…
56. That way you can come inside me whenever you want.

Cringy Lines

57. This isn’t the only rocket ship you’ll be on tonight.
58. I am BLUE without YOU.
59. Are you a vent? Because I can totally dig into you.
60. Babe, are you an asteroid? Ready for my incoming laser?
61. I want to align our inner engine outputs.
62. Without you, I feel like a dead body in electrical.
63. Hey, are you in Admin? Because admin love with you.
64. Thankful to have you as a crewmate… but do you want to add a letter and become crewmates instead?
65. I’m jealous of your hat. Because it gets to be on you.
66. Hey did you just kill me? Because I’ve got a big bone sticking out now.
67. We’re grateful to have you on board… but do you want to add a letter and become crewmates alternatively?

Cute Lines

among us pick up lines

68. Without you, I feel like a dead body in electrical that no one spots for a long time.
69. That scan cannot show what I see in you.
70. That pet looks good on you but you know what would look better? Me.
71. Would you like to connect the wires of your heart to mine?
72. What do I have to do to go from being your crewmate to your soulmate?
73. Be my crewmate forever.
74. My soul has left the game with you.
75. No one can sabotage the love between you and I.
76. No tasks are too tiring with you around.
77. The only task I want is you.
78. Your shield is no match for me.
79. Hey, did you do the wires task just now? Because I feel a definite connection.
80. you don’t have to vote to get me off

Flirty Lines

81. Am I an imposter? You have to spend the night with me to know.
82. Are you a nurse? Because I want you to be my day.
83. Are you a task? Because all I want to do is you.
84. Are you the imposter? Because you just broke me.
85. I will scour the deepest ends of you.
86. I want to procrastinate on my tasks and just watch you at Security.
87. No staged comms will stop me from reading your mind.
88. I didn’t see you kill anybody, but you’re still sus…. since you clearly stole my heart.
89. Hey, are you one of my tasks? Because I really want to do you.
90. Damn, I wish you were a task. Because I’d have no problem doing you and over and over.
91. Girl are you “Among Us”? Because I’m ready to play with you for a month and then forget about you.
92. Are you an imposter? Because you are exactly my type.

Flirting with a person who has the same interests as you is always a plus point. You can have deep chats about common topics to which you both can relate with ease. And pick-up lines are one of the best for all the among us game fans to flirt in their own unique way and build a good relationship with your crush.

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