90+ Reason Why I Love You – List & Ideas

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Reasons why i love you

When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want to start the relationship as soon as possible.

Love is not magic that happens in a day. It takes time to find answers to the reasons “why I love you”. Once it happens, you are deeply connected and committed towards one person and you wish to spend your entire life with them.

It would be a great idea to give a list of “what I love about you” to your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse or fiance. It will really make them feel very special.

Reasons why i love you

Reasons I love You

There cannot be a perfect answer to why do you love someone. But when you truly love someone you can easily answer the reasons I love you.

When you have feelings for someone, you notice every single thing about them. You know what do they do to make you feel special or how they take care of your choices.

So on that basis, we have prepared a complete list of things I love about you. You can arrange these reasons in a creative manner and gift them to someone special.

Reasons I love You

List of reasons

Here is the cherished list of 100 things I love about you.

1. I love you because I love the way make my heart dance with joy.

2. I love you because  I love the way you smile when you see me.

3. I love you because I love it when you remember little things about me.

4. I love you because I love the warmth of your body while you hug me.

5. You be yourself with me, that’s what I love about you.

6. You plan every special of life, wholeheartedly. That’s one of the best things I love about you.

7. I love your soft, and calming voice and that is one of the sexiest reasons why I love you.

8. I love your ability to recognize me even in the noisy crowd.

9.  We push each other’s limits and that leads to our growth. It is the best reasons to love someone.

10. You are my comfort even in the most awkward situations.

11. Your soothing words calm me down when I am in the most stressful situation.

12. I love the way we support each other in difficult times.

13. I love you because you are the cutest person on earth.

14. I love it when you talk me to sleep. And this is one of those 100 things i love about you.

15. I miss you just after the moment you leave after we meet.

16. I cannot imagine my life with anyone else than you.

17. I love you because you pull me away from sadness in the blink of an eye.

18. I get an electric shock while you touch me anywhere and that’s what i love about you.

19. We know each other so well but still we spend lots of time talking to each other.

20. I love your early morning texts which make my day shine brighter than the sun and an uncontrollable beautiful smile comes on my face.

21. I feel a strong sense of security when you hold my hand every time.

22. We have so many priceless memories together which brings a bright smile to my face.

23. It’s been so many years of our togetherness but you still make my heart skip a beat by just the way you look at me.

24. I love you because you exactly know how to melt my anger with your foolish jokes.

25. I love the way you embrace my imperfections.

26. You give your everything to stay with me and that’s one of the 100 things i love about you.

27. Your mere presence makes me the happiest person. Sometimes we sit quietly and do nothing but even that makes me feel special.

28. I love you because you are serious about me. You never take me for granted.

29. You discuss serious issues of your life with and you seek suggestions from my side and what can be better reasons to love someone.

30. You have an extremely wild side for me in bed, that’s what i love about you.

31. I love it when you be playful to arouse my sensuality for you. Your small touches, unpredictable kisses, or random hugs, makes me go insane.

32. We share common ground in the future goals of our relationship.

33. You are my favorite person and that’s one of the perfect reasons to like someone.

34. Another feather in the list of reasons i love is, our slow dancing in the rain like a movie scene.

35. You are a beautiful person with an amazing sense of humor.

36. I feel like I am the luckiest person because of your presence in my life.

37. I love your curiosity to know more and more about me even if you know everything about me.

39. I am less afraid of the darkness when you are with me.

40. I love it when you exactly know what I am thinking while I laugh secretly at a public place and you smile back.

41. I love trying adventure with you.

42. I do not feel weird in doing crazy things with you even in public places.

43, I love when you call me “mine”.

44. I love the way you respect my self-respect.

45. I love you because you scold me for my faults like a mother.

46. You celebrate my success and motivate me in my failures.

47. You are hot, sexy, beautiful/handsome, and just a perfect life partner one could crave for.

48. You understand me like no other.

49. You actively listen to me every time.

50. You are still the same person I met the first time.

51. You fulfill my all fantasies.

52. You are the first person I reach out to in the happiest and saddest moments of my life.

53. Your simplicity is what I love about you.

54. I love the way you talk about our future kids and dream of happily ever after.

55. You are a courageous person, who teaches me how to overcome my fears.

56. I love your creativity in planning surprises for me.

57. I love your hottest cuddles in the coldest weather.

58. If I know what love is, it is because of you.

59. I feel tears of happiness when I think of everything you do for me.

60. I love staring at you even if you are busy doing something. I look at everything about you, your face, your actions,  and just everything.

61. I love your sleepy voice and sleepy face.

62. You are my happy pill.

63. You are kind and generous towards everyone and that is what i love about you.

64. I am in love with your honest behavior.

65. I feel good mental health because of you and this is one of the best reasons to love someone.

66. I feel incomplete even in the crowd of people without you.

67. You are patient with me.

68. You never feel a problem if I cannot make a round chapatti, you are such a sweetheart.

69. I love the fact that I am your priority.

70. I love the way you respect my family and close friends. Also, you try to stay in contact with those who are important to me.

71. You know my capabilities better than me.

72. I love you because reasons are never enough.

73.  I love how you smell so enticing that I feel like eating you every time.

74. I love to drink coffee from your cup.

75. I love trying adventures with you, like making out in a public park!

76. You are beauty with brains.

77. Your genuine compliment on every single change in my personality, some new attire, or anything that I try. You never fake it. You say what you actually feel.

78. You blush when I say I love You.

79. You feed me with your hands during my illness. How can someone be so good!

80. You pamper me, make me fall asleep in your arms or your lap after a long tiring day.

81. You know how to wipe my tears and bring a big smile to my face.

82. I can be myself with you.

83. You never judge me on anything.

84. I love you because you have strong faith in me.

85. I love you because your smile makes me smile.

86. I love you because you love me unconditionally.

87. You understand my mood without me telling you. You exactly know when I need care, and when do I need love.

88. I love you because you gave me an incredible life with you.

89. You enjoy taking pictures with me.

90. You never mind when I give silly facial expressions even in public.

91. I love you because you do not hide anything from me. You share every single detail of your life.

92. You accept the real me and you do not wish me to change ever.

93. I love the way our heartbeats synchronize when we hug each other.

94. I love you because you never let anything come between us.

95. You respect my boundaries and that is one of the best reasons to like someone.

96. You are my best friend, my guide, my lover, and my everything.

97. You have a positive attitude towards life and that makes me an optimistic person as well.

98. I love you because I can laugh even at your boring jokes.

99. You sit beside me while I fall asleep and you do not leave my hand. In fact, you shower me with your gentle care.

100. I love your forehead kisses that make me feel protected and being loved.

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There are infinite reasons why I love you. And it is the easiest question to e answered because when you truly love someone you can give them a thousand reasons why do you love someone.

But if someone throws this question all of sudden, maybe you will not be able to give a satisfactory answer to them. even if you have the reasons to love someone in your mind, you will not be able to explain it!

You can give these reasons to love someone and make them feel like the happiest person ever.


Do we love for a reason?

You can never love someone for a reason because it is selfless and unconditional. You won’ even realize why you fall for somebody.

How do we answer why do you love me?

Tell them you feel safe with them, they understand you like no other, you love the way they look at you or touch you, they are special to you.

What is an unexplainable love?

Deep Love is unexplainable love because you cannot find a reason for loving someone. it just happens.

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