10+ Tips to Make Long Distance Relationships Work

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Long Distance Relationship

No one ever falls in love. Isn’t it wonderful the way the universe conspires to make you meet a person when you least expect it? Relationships are miraculous, and true love is the icing on the cake for a relationship. But what if you find yourself in a long-distance relationship? Don’t worry, it is just a test of time. Give it, and you will have memories to cherish forever.

Face the challenges, trust the process, and don’t give up on each other. There has to be a flip side to this perfect never-ending adorable love story. And this flipside is long-distance.

Do Long-Distance Relationships Work?

Yes, they do work, but it takes efforts from both parties so that the relationship can remain intact. Also, you need to trust each other. Keep your feelings positive and you will not have to worry about the distance.

Before the Separation

Before the separation takes place, determine the rules of the relationship. If one partner makes sacrifices and the other one takes things casually, problems can occur. To reduce any such confusion, you need to stay honest about the separation. Also, talk about what you both want from the relationship.

Long distance relationship

Important Traits for LDR Couples

Trust each other: It is important that both parties believe in each other’s actions. Lack of trust might lead to feelings of suspicion, doubt, and jealousy. Think positive and don’t doubt your partner’s intentions.

Stay committed: In an LDR, it is easy to fall into the trap of negative thoughts of cheating. Never let such thoughts overpower you. Leave no stone unturned to make your relationship work. Do not give up on each other easily.

Have some Independence: Don’t depend on your partner too much. Have some independence and take part in some enjoyable hobbies.

Tips on How to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

See it as an opportunity

See long-distance love as an opportunity to strengthen your bond. Get to know the hobbies of your partner. Get to know their likes and dislikes. Look at the bright side of things. Have curiosity and use this time to explore more about the interests of your partner.

Try to communicate regularly and creatively

You can greet your partner with morning and night texts. Try to update them about what’s happening in your day. Share pictures, cute videos, and audio clips with them. Try to have constant communication on a daily basis.

Technology Is Your Best Friend

Several OTT platforms like Netflix provide exceptional content in all genres. You can fix a mutual date and time, and binge-watch your favourite shows using the watch party feature. Bring in your favourite snacks to make the whole experience more fulfilling.

Be Committed to the Relationship

Healthy relationships are always built on the foundation of loyalty and trust. Do not let the temporary distance grow trust issues between you. Give enough space to your long-distance partner. Be clear about your future goals with them. Have honest communication about your everyday life.

Do Stuff Together Even Though You’re Apart

Share about the good and the bad things going on in your days. Make phone calls from time to time. Use a fun messaging app or other forms of communication to stay in touch. Together you can watch movies or shows online. There are websites where you can play games like UNO, Ludo, etc that give you that adrenaline rush.

Make Fun Plans

Go on virtual dates to discuss fun things you’ll do when you see each other. Plan to visit new restaurants and explore new places. Deciding on achievable goals will definitely ignite the spark that you had lost. When you’ll make plans, you’ll get a chance to grow the seeds of love and positivity in your relationship.

Long distance relationship

Stick to a Schedule

To make your long-distance relationship work, have conversations from time to time. Respect your partner’s time. Ask them when they can be available for video calls. Be there when they need you in tough times.

Set Clear Rules and Boundaries

Creating boundaries is always a good idea for a healthy relationship. It might be possible that when one person is available, the other one is busy. In such situations, you should not doubt your partner. Instead, understand that they have a life separate from the relationship too.

Avoid “dangerous” situations

There will be times when you might want to go out with your group of best friends late at night. In such situations, tell your partner beforehand about your plans. If you’ll hide such things from them, they might only get worried about you. Also, they might feel insecure, upset or powerless.

Video-call whenever possible

Explore some good date ideas. You can decide with your partner and schedule a zoom call on a day of the week and have a movie date. You will definitely have something to look forward to throughout the whole week. Keep changing platforms as it’s necessary to spice things up, even when they are virtual.

Prioritize Each Other

You might make calls every day but that does not mean that you are actually connecting. Remember that you should be available for your partner in challenging times. When you’ll solve the problems of life together, you will be able to connect with each other on a deeper level. Share things like your motivation and inspiration to keep going in life.

Cherish Your Moments

Acknowledge your partner’s sacrifices and love towards you. Remember those good old days when you used to order your favourite dish and laugh at your own jokes. Talk about those memories. Highlight the unique qualities of your partner and make them feel loved. Surprise them with some old-school gestures like a letter or some gifts.

“Be there” even when you can’t actually be there

Respond to each other’s emotional calls. Emotional calls are the attempts you make to connect with your partner. If you have scheduled a particular time to talk to your partner, then make that call a priority. When it’s going to be an important day for your partner, wish them luck and success.

Don’t neglect intimacy

Maintaining sexual intimacy is a big challenge for long-distance couples. When you both are a part, you might struggle with the lack of warmth intimate cuddles could give you. In such situations, you can try things like talking about sex. This will keep things interesting and exciting. Share sexy puns and swap sexy photos but make sure that your partner feels comfortable.

Don’t make assumptions

Do not assume things on your own. If your partner respects and adores you, they won’t cheat on you. Have faith that they have pure intentions and believe in their actions. Express your feelings and share your secrets whenever you feel comfortable.

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Pros and Cons of LDR

Pros of an LDR include:

  • You learn to appreciate and value the time you get to spend together.
  • There is a sense of joy and refreshment when you see your partner in person.
  • You get enough time to focus on personal well-being.

Cons of an LDR include:

  • Sometimes, distance can create too much gap.
  • Feelings of insecurity and anxiety may occur.
  • It becomes difficult to maintain intimacy.


Since an LDR separates you through distance, you should take some extraordinary measures. There should be more love, affection, care and appreciation in the relationship. It is challenging to feel togetherness, but if you learn to handle things, an LDR is worth it. When you’ll look at the bright side, you’ll see many benefits that an LDR offers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Long Distance Relationship?

An LDR is a relationship when partners experience restricted communication opportunities. This is because some geographic distance separates them.

What is the importance of trust?

Without trust and commitment, an LDR cannot work. Lack of trust can make you feel anxious.

What are the benefits of an LDR?

When you are in an LDR, you get enough time to focus on your hobbies and goals. Also, you can spend time with your friends and family.

What are the benefits of having a schedule?

When you stick to a schedule, you can value your time together. Also, when you decide to make calls from time to time, you won’t have to stay away for long periods of time.

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