Right Person Wrong Time: What To Do?

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Right person wrong time

Meeting the right person at the wrong time can be more heartbreaking than it sounds. If you’re searching for love in your life, you might come across a person who is the perfect find but the timing just won’t let you two be together. Is right person wrong time a real thing, you might ask? Yes, it is possible to meet the love of your life at the wrong time.

Sometimes it also happens that you both are happy and sudden the time is not right to move ahead in a relationship, you used to show love to each other hit pick up lines and desire to live together forever, but the wrong time ruin everything.

What does “right person wrong time” mean?

Have you ever met a person who is all that you were looking for in a partner but they have to move out of town the very next week? Have you ever found someone you have excellent chemistry with but who is not in a position to date right now? If these scenarios sound familiar to you, you might just be in the right person, wrong time situation.

Are you searching for the right person wrong time meaning? Here’s all that you need to know!

What does "right person wrong time" mean?

Signs You Are in a ‘Right Person Wrong Time’ Situation

They are not single or newly single

You might start talking to a person and the two of you click with each other in a very short period. That person is already dating somebody else or they just broke up last week. Even though both of you might feel the spark of this connection, there’s nothing you can do about this. Although you can start talking about the relationship and can also ask relationship questions.

Cheating is definitely not the answer to this. The best thing to do in such a situation is to not get involved with a person who is already taken or has had a recent bad breakup from a long-term relationship. This is certainly a right person, wrong time situation so you just need to take a step back.

You are very different people

Have you ever come across a person you feel attracted to but the two of you are exact opposites? Like, they say black when you say white or they love tea and you’re a coffee person? Personality differences do not always mean that you both can’t be compatible. You can set healthy boundaries in the relationship in this case.

However, this might not always be the case. Having extreme personality differences can lead to fights and arguments that can cause unnecessary issues in a healthy relationship. The right person at the wrong time situation might also come in the form of your goals not being aligned.

One of you is too invested in your career

If you (or your partner) are more involved in their career than the relationship, then you both have probably met each other at the wrong time. There’s nothing wrong with putting your career goals first but the career and the relationship might not go hand in hand in such a case.

If you want to pay more attention to your career, the best you can do is get into a relationship only when your career is completely sorted. Once you’ve figured out your career the way you wanted it to be, move into the relationship and remember to strike a balance between the two.

Past trauma is affecting the present

One of the major barriers to a healthy and committed relationship can be an abusive relationship from your past. If any one of you has had an abusive partner in the past or suffered in a traumatic relationship, you might find it hard to move on with your present partner.

In such a situation, giving (or taking) time to heal from the bitter experience of the past is the best way out. Remember that it is just a matter of time. Wrong timing with the right person can feel frustrating but have faith in the concept of time. Time is the greatest healer of all. It will heal you too.

Commitment instils fear

Meeting the right person at the wrong time can certainly bring along the fear of commitment. If one of you is too scared to commit then there is a high possibility of things not working out between you both. You have to give your 100% to a relationship if you want to make it work.

Running away from commitment certainly won’t help. You will have to face your fears, tell your insecurities to your partner, and know theirs to ensure a healthy relationship for both of you. Commitment and acceptance are the two most important pillars of happy romantic relationships.

The age difference cannot be overcome

They say that age is just a number. It is true and it even works in relationships, but not for everybody. If you’re too young or too older than your partner, there might be understanding and maturity-related issues between you both.

The age difference brings about differences in the thought process and lifestyle. You might want to do something that your partner already did 5 years back or vice versa. Overcoming the age gap isn’t impossible but it requires a lot of extra effort.

If you feel that the age gap between you and your partner is keeping you deprived of a happy relationship, you might just have found the right person at the wrong time.

What to do next?

Pause and reframe things from a place of abundance

Try to approach your partner/relationship from a place that feels secure to both of you. Try looking at the world from each other’s perspectives. Do not rush into things or else you might ruin your chance of happiness.

What to do next?

Reflect and interrogate the connection thoughtfully

Don’t depend on your partner to create happiness for you. Instead, focus on your personal growth and find out ways in which you can keep yourself happy. Take enough time to reflect upon your actions and how they’re affecting your partner.

Consider your attachment style

One of the partners having a toxic attachment style might also be a reason behind a relationship not working out. After identifying whether it’s you or your partner that has such an attachment style, practice a secure style of attachment to enjoy a happy and healthy relationship.

Allow for true presence, and accept what happened

Acceptance is the ultimate key to happiness. If you keep cribbing about what happened in your past instead of being grateful for all that you have in the present, you”’ most certainly mess up the relationship. Live in the moment, embrace opportunities, and don’t hold any grudges.

Cherish them and view them with gratitude

Do not regret the bad experiences you had when you met the right person at the wrong time. Instead, look at them as experiences and move ahead with the relationship with all the lessons learned. Don’t mourn over missed opportunities, remain optimistic about the magic that love can create.

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The bottom line

No matter how much a relationship of a person might feel right, if the timing isn’t right then it is very very likely that the relationship will not work out. You might feel frustrated and defeated in meeting the right person at the wrong time but that should not be a reason for you to give up on hope.

Nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself. If something is truly meant to be, no force can stop it from being real. Take things slow if things don’t feel right in the beginning. Try to find a way out. If it’s meant to be, it will be. Have trust in your fate and keep moving forward.


How to know when it’s right?

When the person and timing both are right, you’ll feel less stressed around your partner and feel a strong desire to do whatever it takes for a happy relationship.

Can you get back together when the timing is better?

You can certainly get back with your partner once you both feel that the timing is right. You should give your relationship a second chance.

Is the right person at the wrong time a real thing?

Yes, it is a real thing. You can meet the love of your life when the timing isn’t right for you both to be in a relationship.

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