Feeling Trapped In A Relationship?

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Feeling trapped in a relationship?

The concept of a romantic relationship is full of the joys of spring but it is healthy until and unless you do not have the feeling of being trapped in a relationship. It is not necessary that your current partner is the only right choice.

Everything seems to be happy at the start of a relationship and show love but as you spend some time together, you realise you are stuck in a relationship. The reasons and intensity are different in every relationship.

Sometimes you can unstuck yourself but sometimes it’s better to leave. This article will help you know everything about being stuck in a relationship and how to get out.

Feeling trapped in a relationship?

Common reasons for feeling trapped in a relationship

Here are some of the common reasons for feeling trapped in a relationship.

You are not the same person anymore

Initially, your relationship with your current partner might have been very exciting. In that phase, you are completely a different person who is dedicated to the relationship.

You feel to keep the relationship alive forever but after some time, you are not the same person anymore and your partner will feel stuck in a relationship.

You both might not like the way it is going. So you must sit and talk about it and try to resolve it. Else it will destroy your healthy relationship.

Your relationship has become monotonous

You start feeling trapped in marriage when your relationship becomes monotonous. After marriage, the feeling of excitement disappears after the honeymoon phase because of the responsibilities and other issues.

You both will have anger issues and will have the feeling of suffocation and you will continuously find problems in each other.

Sort this by sparkling up your private life of the relationship. Go on dates, talk, watch movies and do everything that can rejuvenate the romance between you.

Absence of meaningful communication

Lack of meaningful communication will make you feel like I feel trapped in my relationship. You should talk to your partner about everything and anything.

Even if you do not want to talk, there are several ways of non-verbal communication, do not let it fade away. Communication is very important to keep yourself in a happy relationship.

Lack of appreciation

Being valued and to value are the most important keys to a non-toxic relationship. You should never take each other for granted.

If you do not respect each other and do not appreciate each other, you will start feeling stuck in a relationship.

Feeling trapped in a relationship? Here’s what you can do

If you are finding the answer to being trapped in a relationship how do I get out. You surely do not want to give up on your relationship because you love your partner so much. Here are some ways to help you out.

Feeling trapped in a relationship? Here's what you can do

Reflect on the relationship

Many a time, a lot of things run in a relationship, and because of this you feel trapped in a relationship. You start feeling like you are in an unhappy relationship.

You should know what is making you feel stuck in your relationship and if your relationship is making you feel trapped, then you should consider it on priority. You need to reflect on your relationship and see that is making you leave your current relationship.

The reasons can be Domestic abuse, lack of personal space, financial problems, irreconcilable differences, etc. Find out the reason and work on it.

Reflect on yourself

When you feel like you are so trapped in your relationship that you are on the brink of separation, maybe it’s not your relationship but you. A lot of things like your disturbed career, disbalance in social and personal life, or something that is created only with you, are the root cause of you feeling trapped.

You should find out what is going inside you. You need to reflect on yourself first. your own reasons can lead you towards separation. You can ask yourself some key questions that will probably help you in saving your relationship.

Rediscover your confidence

When you feel stuck in a relationship or marriage, you start feeling a lack of confidence in yourself. When you make a decision in your relationship after knowing the cause, you may stay or leave but it is important to rediscover your confidence after it.

Lack of confidence will make you feel powerless and it will create dependency on someone again but when you will be confident, you will overcome the feeling of being trapped sooner.

Figure out your next move

After you have reflected on yourself as well as on your relationship, you are crystal clear about what do you want. you will know whether you want to stay in your current relationship or you won’t leave.

If you want to stay and you are a married couple, you can go to a marriage counsellor who can help you out, and if you are dating then you can talk and resolve the things.

Share your problems with your partner if you want to save your relationship, as communication is the key to a happy relationship.

If it has become unbearable to you, you should know that you need to leave. You can figure out your next move according to your decision.

Make an exit plan

If you have finally decided to leave your toxic relationship then have a good exit plan. Give yourself some time to think about how you can leave. If you are married and you have children, the first and foremost step is deciding about your children.

You may be hurt at that time because you love your partner despite the trapped feeling but it is important to exit safely from the relationship. Your partner may become abusive after hearing your decision or may become aggressive so you need to keep yourself safe from them.

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When you start feeling like you are trapped in a relationship, you should not avoid the suffocation. Avoiding the situation can make it even worse. It will cause anger issues, suffocation and you will start holding grudges for each other.

You should try to find out the root cause of the problem and take the necessary action for it. After knowing your problem you may decide to stay or leave your partner. If you can solve it, you should definitely stay but if you can’t, it’s better to leave.


Should I leave my relationship if I feel trapped?

First, try to talk to your partner and solve if possible but if it is unbearable then it is better to leave.

Am I feeling too paranoid about my relationship?

feeling paranoid about the relationship is completely normal and you will be normal after a while.

Should you waste time with people who want to argue with you?

Arguments are pointless but the other person is more important in your life than one of you two should become quiet while the other is arguing.

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