What is gaslighting

What Is Gaslighting? Tips & Tricks

When your relationship becomes bitter with every passing day, and your partner’s behaviours start worrying you, then maybe you are prey to gaslighting in your relationship, as you lack love, and much more. This article will help you know what is gaslighting and how to predict the early symptoms of this critical situation before it is too late!

Healthy & Unhealthy Compromise In Relationships

Looking upon the internet, you might have stumbled upon articles, blog posts, and comments calling compromise in relationships a “nasty business” that leads to a tragic end of the relationship one way or the other. That’s just another twisted meaning of the phrase.

Relationship Questions

80+ Relationship Questions For a Successful Love Life

A relationship is precisely like a roller-coaster. Even after years of dating, you sometimes find yourself out of love with a person who had been dear to you all this while. It’s a weird situation, but all couples go through this phase at some point in their relationship.

Couple questions

Couple Questions To Know Your Partner Better

Whether you’re in the honeymoon phase of your relationship or you both have spent years together, there’s always room for knowing each other better. How can couples learn more about each other? By asking questions! Yes, you heard that right.

Unrequited love

What Is Unrequited Love? How To Deal With It

“Isn’t that how falling in love so often works? Some stranger appears out of nowhere and becomes a fixed star in your universe. That’s the thing about unrequited love, no person in this entire world could ever control the feeling of falling in love.

Romantic Ideas For Her To Show Love

Every day is valentine’s day if you are in a new-new relationship. Still, it is easy to lose the ‘spark’ in your relationship after a certain period when you have grown too comfortable in each other’s presence.

Why You’re Self Sabotaging Your Relationship

Have you been unhappy in your relationship lately? If yes, have you tried to find the reason behind this? Sometimes, it is ourselves that keeps us away from being in a happy relationship. This is known as self sabotaging behaviour.

Interdependent relationship

How To Build Interdependent Relationship

Many people confuse interdependence with codependency. They both hold totally different meanings. Interdependence or interdependence refers to when two individuals share a strong emotional bond while also maintaining their own self-identity in the relationship. Both partners are willingly putting in the effort to meet the emotional, mental, and physical needs of their partners in meaningful ways. Although they still enjoy being with each other.

Break in a Relationship

How To Take a Break In a Relationship? Tips

Taking a break in a relationship can make you question a lot of things. And it’s worth looking for answers to such questions when it’s something as tough as taking a break. Know the when and how of taking a break in a relationship and why it might be the right choice for you. Although you should try to make things normal even if you want to take a break, you can make things work by showing love to your partner.

Love message for her

70+ Romantic Love Message For Her To Show Love

Love is one of those beautiful feelings in the world which has no language of expression. You may give gifts, act in-kind manner or express love through words. you can even write novels to express how do you feel for someone. But not everyone has the capability to write a novel.