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Good Girlfriend

Do you feel this constant pressure not to be one of those with annoying girlfriend habits There is no universal guide to becoming an amazing girlfriend. It is not about cooking the favourite meal, hitting romantic pick up lines, spending time, it’s more than that.

A healthy relationship includes many aspects of life that go beyond what we see in movies and dating videos.

How To Be A Good Girlfriend

How To Be a Good Girlfriend?

1. Be yourself

Everyone has a unique personality. It is your natural personality that attracted him towards you. Faking yourself to project a better version of yourself will not last long.

There is always a positive and negative side to each individual. It is important to be with someone who accepts you the way you are.

2. Show him you care

There are so many ways to show that you care for your boyfriend. You can also surprise your boyfriend with flowers, cook a meal, or be there for him. Everyone wants to be loved and cared for – even your boyfriend. No matter how tough they are.

Your gesture need not be grand or extraordinary. Something simple as holding hands and hearing out what your partner has to say shows you care for him.

3. Give him space

It is important that you embrace his need for some “me time”. In every successful relationship, we must give each other personal space from time to time. If he takes a lot of time away from you, then sit and talk things out with him.

Love is important and so is a career and other aspects of life where we need some time off with ourselves. Hence, it is crucial to communicate and understand each other’s boundaries.

4. Show An Interest

When you take an interest in him and his life, it shows that you care about him. Do a little research on his favourite restaurants and spots around town. Ask him about his preferred movie genres or football team.

5. Make time for him

Time is crucial for everyone. Showing interest is not enough unless you are taking time off to involve yourself in his life.

Simple gestures like – cheering for him on his game nights or watching his favourite movie. It will make him feel wanted. Make sure to not be clingy and dependent, rather be supportive and loving.

6. Listen and Communicate

Communication and listening are key to every happy relationship.

Calling out on things that are wrong isn’t a bad thing. It’s important that you are honest with yourself and your partner. To do so, speaking your mind is a crucial part of every romantic relationship.

It is better to express your disagreements rather, expecting your boyfriend to figure them out for you. It is a sign that you are attempting to work things out.

7. Remember that trust goes both ways

We do not build trust overnight. It takes time and effort from both partners. Unpleasant experiences in previous relationships can make you sceptical about trusting your partner.

Express your feelings on this matter and also hear out what your boyfriend has to say. Respecting and knowing each other’s boundaries is important in building trust.

8. Love yourself

The relationship must not always be about your boyfriend. Though part of being a perfect girlfriend means to keep your boyfriend happy. That does not mean that you should forget loving yourself.

Because self-love brings in self-confidence. Spend time with yourself or engage in activities that make you feel happy.

9. Embrace the downtime

Love going on dinner dates and adventure trips? Relationships are always exciting and fun in the beginning. Household chores and doing the usual things seem boring.

To keep your relationship strong, we must embrace doing boring activities as well.

10. Stay faithful

This is an unspoken rule in any romantic relationship. But! It is not about staying faithful – rather, it’s about how you make him feel, even when others cherish you. Make him feel he has no reason to feel jealous.

11. Be an amazing friend

Become a friend before a girlfriend. A romantic relationship is not always about bedroom action. It is important to share a deep companionship like best friends.

Your boyfriend will feel more comfortable opening up to you. He may also embrace you to his vulnerable side.

12. Don’t flirt with other guys, especially in front of him!

This is a big red alert! Do not flirt with other men to make your boyfriend jealous. It will only make him feel you aren’t faithful. It is important that he feels secure even around other men.

13. Include him in your life

When you include him in your life, it gives a message that you are getting more comfortable with him. It shows that you’re building trust and you are ready to take a step further in your relationship.

14. Turn your phone off every once in a while

Social media has been an intricate part of our lives. Set up a day where both of you keep yourselves away from mobile phones. And spend quality time with each other. You can enjoy a couples spa or a simple movie night at home.

15. Respect his time with friends

As much as you respect your boyfriend’s “me time”, it is important that you also respect his time with friends.

It is a clear sign of a bad relationship if you’re always clingy and questioning his time spent with his friends.

16. Don’t force him to change

Forcing someone to change is like forcing you to wear clothes you don’t like. Instead, you can make him want to be a better person.

You passionately love a person for who they are. Not the perfect version of them.

Signs you are a Good Girlfriend

Signs you are a Good Girlfriend

1. You care about how he feels

You genuinely care about your boyfriend and want the best for him. You don’t like to see him suffer. This will make your boyfriend feel loved and needed.

2. You understand his silence

There are times we fall short of words. It could be times of grief, happiness, or a bad day. Understanding his silence would make him feel more comfortable around you. This will only make your relationship grow strong.

3. You make him want to be a better person

You don’t force him to change because you want a Mr Perfect. You want him to become a better version of himself to bring personal growth.

4. You know how to calm him down

When he is out of control, you know how to calm his nerves down. You understand when to intervene and calm him down. Your boyfriend will always want you around in his vulnerable situations. He will count on you to do the right thing. It is a sign of trust which is pivotal in a relationship.

5. You are strong enough to protect him

Those times are gone when women needed men to protect them. If you are strong enough and you also feel this natural urge to protect your boyfriend. Then this is definitely a sign of a good girlfriend. Men admire women who are strong and independent.

6. You know your worth

If you don’t value yourself, how can you expect that from your partner? Self-love and self-confidence are as important as loving your boyfriend and taking care of him.

Take time off for yourself and engage with your friends’ circle. Go on those solo trips you have been delaying. Do not compromise on your life goals. Embrace yourself.

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7. You believe in his potential

When you believe and trust in his potential, even when he doubts himself. He will feel more confident in sharing them with you. He will want you to be part of his special moments and successes beside him.

8. You have a deep respect for his passion

Respect is very crucial. Respect your dating partner and also his passions. Your respect and support to pursue his passion will make him feel secure and loved. He will feel more comfortable sharing his future dreams and goals with you.

9. You care for the people he loves

If you don’t find your boyfriend’s family and friends annoying. Also, you genuinely care for the people he loves. Then that is definitely a sign of a good girlfriend and wife material.

10. You can be strong and independent

Men admire women who are independent and strong. A clingy and dependent person is a major turn-off for anyone. Your strength and independence will reflect in your relationship. Your dating partner will consider your opinions and decisions with seriousness. 

11. You have your own personal goals

The success of every relationship is not only to grow strong together. You also need to grow individually. Do not let your relationship come in your way of growth. Cultivate your own hobbies and set your own life goals.

12. You always choose him

It is not about prioritizing your boyfriend all the time. Rather, it’s about being there for him when he needs your support.

You can make him your priority by remembering his important days. Plan a getaway weekend or prepare a breakfast in bed – because you know he had a long week.

Final Thoughts

Being a girlfriend or a good lover is about first being a friend. Then an equal partner in a relationship who loves and cares for her boyfriend. Many aspects of life go beyond what we see in movies and dating videos. Though companionship is important, you must not forget your own worth and life goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the key to being a good girlfriend?

Being a good girlfriend is not entirely about loving your boyfriend. It includes caring for the people he loves, respecting his time alone and with his friends.

2. What Should You Do If Your Partner’s Friends Don’t Like You?

The best solution is to get to know his friends as individuals rather than as your partner’s friends. Start by finding common interests. 

3. What are the benefits of distance?

Distance makes you grow fonder towards your partner. If you don’t get time for your personal life outside of your relationship. There is a probability you may feel suffocated and trapped.

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