Why I Hate My Ex? How To Move On

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I Hate My Ex

Wondering how to deal with anger towards an ex? Don’t worry, you are not the only one to say “I hate my ex”, many people have the same feeling when they go through a breakup. Breakups are tough and often creates a feeling of animosity between partner, especially if it ended because of some issues.

If you would keep hating your ex, you might not be able to move ahead in life. You need to understand, what happened was a past like how they show love to you, hit pick up lines and much more, and you must let it go.

How to move on from hating your ex

Many people wonder how to deal with anger towards an ex after going through a bad breakup. You might have a lot of negative feelings for your ex but these feelings will hold you back from moving on in your life. Hating your ex can fill you with rage that might be very harmful to your daily life.

Sometimes you also think to get back with ex, and such mixed feelings affect not only you but also others who are around you. Therefore, it is important to cope with these hateful feelings and to love yourself so that you can have positive vibes in your life.

How to move on from hating your ex

Channel your anger

Hatred for your ex can leave you with a lot of pent-up anger. This anger would keep on increasing if you won’t release it. Channel this anger and let out on something productive or write it down in your notebook.

Write down how you feel and what you are going through. It would help you in reflecting on yourself and you may also feel relieved. You can also do other things like going to a gym for a workout or playing some sport you like. It requires a high level of concentration which can help you move on.

Give things time

Whether it was a fling or a long-term relationship, you definitely had some feelings of love for your ex. After hitting a rough patch these feelings may have changed but letting go of someone takes time. Feelings don’t change fortnightly, you move from them with time by working on yourself.

It’s very natural for someone to hate someone who you think is responsible for hurting your feeling. Give yourself time to understand the situation better and let your feelings settle. It’s only after this you would realize that hatred will only stop you from growing as a person.

Realize the reason

You may hate your ex and may not even be sure why do you feel so. Often people hate their ex just because they broke up but you need to understand that there must be a reason. Ask yourself “why am I still angry at my ex years later?” After realizing the reason you may feel that it’s better, it’s over now.

You may also get to understand the reason your might have taken this tough decision. Question your anger and ask yourself the positive and negative sides of this feeling. This would help you introspect and you could understand how harmful it is.

Does it makes any difference to him

Here you are raging with anger and carrying all the hatred within you but does saying “I hate my ex-husbandaffect your husband? Most probably not, because they are already out of your life and trying to move on or may have already moved on.

When you can’t even communicate your feelings to someone then what is the point of holding on to it? Carrying the baggage of hatred would only slow you down and you would emotionally and mentally tired. So don’t waste your time feeding your feelings for someone who doesn’t even care.

Be glad that it’s over

It’s good that it is over because it wasn’t meant to be. Being for anymore longer would have only made things worst. So now, at least now you are not in a relationship that was supposed to be doomed.

Even if your partner cheated on you, it’s good that you got to see their true face. If they left because of life circumstances then it’s better for both of you that you don’t have to force your feelings. Respect their decision, at least they were honest with you.

Stay positive

You can’t change the past and bring back the same old feeling of falling in love with your ex, but you can always look for a better future. Have a positive attitude towards life and work on yourself to keep yourself physically and mentally fit.

Focus on your growth self-care, and self love, understand that these negative feelings will only keep you away from all the good things life offers. Meet your friends and family and spend some time with them. Explore yourself and pick up a hobby to follow, move forward to a better future.

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Saying “I hate my ex” is not going to help you become a better person. Your hatred will become a burden for yourself and will weigh you down. Calm your head down by introspecting and understanding how the feeling of hate is affecting your life. Take your time, don’t be too impatient, and stress yourself for not being able to cope with your feelings. Understand the reason and have a positive mindset towards life.


Is it normal to hate an ex?

Yes, it is normal and many hate people hate their ex.

Should I tell my ex I hate them?

You should not tell your ex that you hate them because it can make you hate them even more if they won’t carry about your feelings.

Why am I so angry my ex moved on?

You might be angry because you are still holding on to the feelings for your ex and seeing that he/she has moved on is hurting your ego.

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