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Every day is valentine’s day if you are in a new-new relationship. Still, it is easy to lose the ‘spark’ in your relationship after a certain period when you have grown too comfortable in each other’s presence.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you have found yourself a keeper, you might want to take that extra effort in coming up with romantic ideas for her to make her feel loved and cared for.

Romantic ideas for her

Romantic Ideas for Her [That Will Wow Your Partner]

Being romantic is sometimes easier said than done, as most people don’t take that additional step of going out of their way to developing romantic ideas for their partner. It could be anything ranging from easy to complex, from ‘it’s the thought that matters’ to ‘that would cost me my kidney.’

Keeping the jokes aside, we will help you break down some simple romantic ideas for her that will surprise your girlfriend and make her go ‘wow’. You can also explore gift ideas for girlfriend.

Romantic Ideas for Her [That Will Wow Your Partner]

Wakeup Call

Do you ever wonder about what your partner is doing when you wake up? Whether she is sleeping, making breakfast, or getting ready for work. Take that thought a level up and call her. Ask her if she slept alright about what she is looking forward to on the day and wish her a good day!

It makes you feel damn special when you know that you are the first thought of someone’s mind when they wake up in the morning. Your partner would love it.

Have Breakfast in Bed

Heaven! That’s the one word for what breakfast in bed is: heaven. It is like sitting on a cloud sipping your coffee in between bites of pancakes served by the angels. Give your girlfriend that blissful experience with just a tiny bit of work.

Get up before she does, make something that won’t possibly spoil your bedsheets, and finish it together after she wakes up. The smile on her face will be worth tons of work and more.

Send Flowers

One of the most typical things that come to mind when thinking about romantic surprises for her is flowers. You can send her favourite ones. It’s the most cliched yet the loveliest thing you can do for someone you love. Flowers never go out of style.

There are tons of shops, websites, and small businesses that would provide you with varieties of flowers and deliver them right to your girlfriend’s doorstep or, better yet, her workplace with extra goodies like chocolates, notes, cards, soft toys, etc. that she might like.

It would represent that you are proud of them for a specific promotion or the encouragement they need on a bad day. You won’t be there to see your partner’s reaction, but there’ll be a grin on her face the next time you see her.

Say “I Love You”

Many people think that once they have verbally let their partner know about their love for them by saying the three magical words, it’s done. But the truth is, it’s pleasant to hear those words daily, especially on a bad day. Your partner will always crave reassurance if you are happy with them.

Tell them that they are loved and cared for, and you accept them in all sickness and health. Saying ‘I love you’ literally takes no effort, and one never gets tired of hearing it. Don’t start loving bombing them, but you can say it whenever you feel like saying it.

Tell Her She is Beautiful [and mean it]

Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory once said, “I am a lady, and with that comes an estrogen-fueled need to page through thick, glossy magazines that make me hate my body,” and I am pretty sure everyone can relate.

The feeling of not liking the way one looks grows self-doubt rapidly. So, tell your girlfriend that she is beautiful and mean it because she is gorgeous. Never compare her with other women and make her feel insecure. It might sound like worthless advice, but it is a romantic thing to do for your GF.

Do What They Love

A relationship is about two people, two lives, two sets of values, and two interests. Always appreciate your partner’s claims because they are a part of them too. If you’re looking for romantic things to do with your GF, you will have to do something they love doing.

You cannot imagine the astonishment on your GF’s face when you show up with two tickets you bought for a rom-com movie, you can also upload photos with her with the best couple caption on Instagram.

Give a Massage

The mere idea of getting a massage from your partner is unwinding in itself. It is probably even better than letting professional strangers do it. You can give your partner a massage at the end of a stressful day to relieve them of the stress and strain in their muscles.
It will show that you value, appreciate and respect the work they do daily, and it will also be a romantic surprise for her.

Leave a Note

Go and be like high school kids in love who will do everything to make their partner blush. Write poems and songs about your GF if you have that talent of penmanship, or write letters if you are good with words. And if you can’t do any of that, jot down the lyrics of a song that reminds you of her.

Or just a simple ‘I heart you,’ ‘thinking about you, ‘you’re so gorgeous’ notes can be enough to do the trick, i.e., to surprise her.

Pack Their Lunch

If your partner is a working person, packing their lunch would mean the world to them. Usually, people don’t think about basic things such as packing lunch but it’s a kind, loving gesture to say that you care about them.

You can even top it off with a special treat, or a note saying ‘miss you already’ or ‘hope you love this lunch as much as you love me or something cornier than that because there is no such thing as trite when it comes to simple romantic ideas for GF.

Help with Errands

Making plans to go out regularly is great, but if your partner runs all week from one place to another to get their work done, you need to help them out. Taking some weight off your partner’s shoulder is the cheapest yet one of the most thoughtful romantic things to do with your GF.

It could be anything like picking up groceries, helping in cleaning their place, cooking, etc. Your GF would appreciate these gestures very much and fall in love with you a little more.

Play Romantic Games Together

Nothing sparks excitement and thrill as much as a game does, and that bubble of excitement and thrill doubles when it’s a romantic game. Not all romantic games lead to sex, but that’s something you can get to after the game as well.

Nothing can go wrong with the classic Twister. Or you can play Two Truths and A Lie to get a laugh out of one another’s most embarrassing moments. You can turn almost every game into a romantic match with a few tweaks. For instance, in tic tac toe, whoever loses will have to do any task of the winner’s choice. It can be anything ranging from a bad karaoke performance to a striptease!

Sunset Walk

A spontaneous sunset walk can relieve you and your partner from the stress of the day and surprise them—two birds with one stone. You can take a walk and watch the sky turn orange, the birds go back to their nests, and the sun goes down.

Beaches are the perfect option for a sunset walk, but if you aren’t living anywhere near the coast, you can try parks or gardens near you as an alternative.

Date Night

It’s pretty easy to shift from young lovers to comfortable friends in a relationship. What ones were dates night Thursdays are now stay-in TV nights? Now, TV nights are not that bad, but a date is healthy for your relationship once in a while. Getting ready to go out has a thrill in itself.

To make it enjoyable, you can create a list of restaurants you haven’t been to and make a rule to check at least one of them off every week. It can be an exciting hobby that both of you will love.

Go to the Movies

Movies are also one of the classic simple romantic ideas. It’s the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of romantic surprises for her. But what kind of movie should you buy tickets to, you ask? Anything but two-hour documentaries about fossils, and you are OK—Rom-coms, suspense, thriller, horror, etc.

Don’t forget to check the movie’s ratings and reviews before buying the tickets. Or else you might be more bored than you would have been with the fossil documentary.

Go Dancing

She will be on the ninth cloud if you take your Gf on a dancing date. There’s no better romantic surprise for her than going dancing. Let the music flow through your body like water down a cascade.

You can even join a dance class for the fun of it. You are highly recommended if even one of you has two left feet. You will die laughing!

Find a Fireplace

Cuddling next to a fireplace is an incredible idea. You can even build a fire in your backyard and set up a camp beside it. Get blankets and gaze at the stars. Watch movies. Share some secrets. Make out. Whatever. Like they do in the film. If that does not scream romantic, nothing else does!

Watch a Romantic Movie

Instead of going out to watch a movie, you could watch it from the comfort of your home, thanks to OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and many more. Turn off the lights, lighten your living room with candles and get blankets to snuggle under. It would be like a stay-at-home date. Keep the setup ready for when your partner arrives and amaze them.
You can also have a movie marathon weekend to change things up a bit!

Rent a Plush Hotel Suite for the Evening

This one might not be an option for everyone due to the expenses. But if you have enough resources to pull this one off, you must go for it. Rent a plush suite and give your partner the experience of living like royals.

Press pauses in your work-life- put aside your phones and laptops- and have a wonderful evening in each other’s company with no intrusion.

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Keeping the ‘spark’ in your relationship is essential. You can’t expect your partner and yourself to be happy with the same monotonous routine. A romantic surprise for her now and then would perk up your relationship like nothing else would.

No matter how expensive or cheap these romantic ideas for her are, they will all wow your partner, and they will be forever grateful that you took the time and effort to make them feel valued, cared for, and most importantly, loved.


How to be romantic?

You can leave notes in unexpected places for your partner to find, call them sweet names, tell them they are pretty.

How can I surprise my woman?

You can surprise your woman by planning and doing things she loves, but you don’t, like a movie night, couple’s spa, or road trips.

What is a suitable punishment for losing a romantic game?

The best punishment for losing a romantic game is doing whatever your partner, the ultimate winner, tells you to do- like a dare. This way, it can be anything and everything.

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