What Does Being In love feel like

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What does being in love feel like

Being in love is an unparalleled wonderful feeling. When people are in love, they tend to feel overly empathetic towards the person they love. The other person’s pain feels like their own pain, they make them laugh, hit pick up line, and they are willing to sacrifice anything for their beloved.

What is true love?

You don’t have to be relationship experts to tell what true love is. When a person is in true love, it is visible in their actions. From the way they talk about their beloved to the happiness on their face when they see them, the actions of a person express it when they are in true love.

What is true love?

So, What Does Love Feel Like?

It just feels right

How does love feel when it’s true? When you’re in love, you need not always find good reasons to love the person you love. True love will just feel right from within. When you’re truly in love, you’ll feel as if the entire Universe is giving you hints about you being on the correct path.

It isn’t always necessary that true love will be convenient or the easiest thing you’ll come across in life but since you love the other person very much, doing something for them won’t feel like a task at all.

You’re not concerned with the risk

Life without risk will be pretty much boring. Isn’t it? And when you’re in love, taking risks becomes even more exciting. If you’re truly in love with somebody, an inner force will let you take elevated levels of risk without any fear. That is the thing about love – it makes you fearless.

The human brain very well knows beforehand that there are chances of heartbreak when you fall for somebody. What if they don’t love you back? but, when your love is true, you would still approach your beloved and put forth your strong feelings.

You accept the good with the bad

When you’re in love (in a relationship basically), there comes a time when the initial rosy honeymoon days are over and the two of you have to face life together. This is called the disillusionment phase where you both start to notice each other’s faults and flaws, it mostly happens in long-distance relationship.

You both might even find yourselves in a situation where you have to think about whether or not to continue the relationship further. In situations like these, a person who loves their partner truly will always choose them over any of their flaws that might be harming the relationship.

You actively choose them

When you’re in true love, you’ll choose your partner, over and over again, despite knowing the multiple bad qualities/habits they might have. You do so because, no matter what, they continue to remain your favourite person and you want just them in your life.

Love will give you the feeling of excitement and you’ll develop strong emotions for your beloved. This is because true love is all about understanding and accepting that nobody in this world is perfect and that you and your partner will make mistakes too.

You trust your love will last

When in true love, a person believes that their love (and relationship) will last. They have faith that the mutual feelings of love between them and their partner are feelings of attachment that will help to keep their bond alive.

Both the partners must have faith in each other. Relationships can be a roller coaster ride but it is your capability to hold on to each other that defines your attachment style and keeps the both of you together in love, there are various stages of the relationship you should understand.

You could live without them‚ but you don’t want to

True love makes you realize that you do not want to live without your partner. It’s not that you cannot, but you just don’t want to spend your life without them. Once you’ve been in a relationship for a significantly longer duration, there are chances of conflicts arising between the two of you.

But, once you’re in true love, you would never choose to live like an individual again. You’ll want to be with your beloved, no matter how hard it gets. You have faith that they are the right person for you and so you would never want to leave them or live without them, you should always be careful as sometimes it happens that a person is right but the time is wrong.

You feel like giving before getting

True love instills a feeling of giving in an individual. When you truly love your beloved, you’ll not just experience strong physical attraction but you’ll even develop intense feelings for them. The warm feeling of being in love makes you always want to give your partner as much as you can.

True love doesn’t make you weak. It’s not because you feel weak without them that you don’t want to let them go, but that you love them so much you don’t want to imagine your life without them. True love gives you the courage to choose your beloved over anybody and anything else, always.

You feel like you can take on the world

Do you know what it feels like to be in love? True love has a lot of power and when you’re in true love, you can witness all this power yourself. When your beloved loves you back equally (or more), the feeling of love gives you the power to move mountains. And, I mean it when I say so.

Being in true love is a wonderful feeling. You’ll notice positive changes in your behaviour patterns when you cross the attraction stage and reach the attachment stage. True love will give you so much power from within that you’ll feel you can take on the world.

It feels unique to you

Are you feeling love? When you truly feel in love, it will feel very new and unique to you. Be it love, support, care, or anything else under the Sun, you’ll want to give it all to your beloved. You decide that your love for them is all that matters and that no bad habit or negative quality will be able to come in between the two of you.

You’ll be able to open up yourself in front of your beloved and expect them to understand you. Despite knowing that there can be good and bad consequences, a person is willing to take every risk when in love. The uniqueness of love is what makes it so special.

You feel an intense connection

True love will often make you feel like your dreams and emotions are aligned with that of your partner. You’ll feel a deep sense of empathy towards your beloved. This intense connection between you two will let you know the difference between lust and love.

The biggest signs of true love are a brain-to-brain connection, feeling of a safe space, emotional union, and sexual attraction. When you truly love a person, you will experience feelings of joy when you’re around them.

You can’t stand the thought of them being hurt

What is it like to be in love? If your partner has been hurt physically or emotionally, you’ll also be equally hurt. Your beloved getting hurt will make you deeply upset. You’ll feel stressed, sad, and depressed most of the time. This is because you always want to see them happy.

If your partner is going through a hard phase in life, you’ll feel as if it’s not them but you who’s facing hardships in life. Needless to mention, you would never want them to get hurt because of you. Whilst they should not be the only reason behind your happiness, you can’t help but feel hurt if they are hurt.

You feel safe and secure around them

True love instils a sense of security in you and there is no insecurity in a relationship. The serotonin levels in your body will take you through a roller coaster of feelings when you’re around your beloved. The romantic attraction and feeling of joy can get you out of a bad mood.

Romantic relationships involve a sense of security. Your emotional dependency on your partner might increase but that is because they make you feel safe in their company. Your feelings of despair tend to disappear when you’re with your beloved.

You’re always thinking about them

When you’re in love, you set your priorities according to the one you love. You schedule your days in a way that aligns with your beloved’s day. You tend to feel euphoric around the person you love. You can’t resist thinking about your partner 24/7.

True love is much like a biological, instinct-like action. The dopamine levels in your body are on the rise when you’re in love. Your anxious feelings are also there, but only the positive ones. You crave physical closeness with your beloved because their thought is constantly running in your mind.

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So, what does true love feel like? Having positive feelings and romantic attraction towards your beloved will make you feel right about your love for them. If you’re truly in love with your partner, you’ll most certainly overlook their bad habits and focus only on the good ones. This realization and acceptance come only when a person is truly in love.

No matter whatever risks one might have to face, a person in true love knows that all the risk is worth taking because this love will lead to a long-term relationship. A person in true love can do anything and everything if they decide to.


Can you physically feel being in love?

Yes, you feel tense, nervous, and excited all at once when you’re in true love.

What makes you fall in love with someone?

Emotional connection and mutual respect develop bonds between people.

What does it feel like when you meet the love of your life (the one)?

You understand their perspective, accept their choices, and respect their decisions.

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