Do Girls Like Shy Guys? Is Shyness Attractive

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Do girls like shy guys

It won’t be wrong to mention that confidence is indeed attractive. Talking about attraction, girls tend to feel hugely attracted towards a guy who is confident about himself. Some guys are very shy when it comes to their personalities. So, what do girls think about such guys? Do they find them attractive? Come, let’s explore!

Do girls like shy guys?

The answer to this question is a huge, resonant yes! Shyness in guys often translates to silence, good listening skills, and sweetheart personalities. Girls appreciate these characteristics of shyness in a guy.

Do girls like shy guys?

The shy personality type is attractive because it does not always demand being the centre of attention, involves deep thinking, often reveals unusual hobbies, and renders girls with great pieces of advice. So, why is dating shy guys a good idea for girls? Do women like shy guys? Are shy guys attractive? Let’s have a look.

Why dating a shy guy is best?

Shy guys are always genuine

In today’s world where everything seems to be fake, finding a genuine partner is indeed a blessing. Shy guys are this blessing. The reason behind this is very simple. Because of their shy nature, such guys are more genuine than the loud and overconfident guys.

Do girls like innocent guys? Yes! You’ll never see a shy guy showing himself off in front of others. They will never lie to a girl because they don’t believe in making her happy with fake compliments. They know what a girl wants to her so they will tell her just that.

Shy guys always have their thoughts and intentions crystal clear in their minds. This deep thinking habit makes them better listeners. Shy guys will always be honest and real about everything. Being genuine to girls adds to such guys’ appealing personalities.

Shy guys are great advisors

Since they think deeply, shy guys make for the best people to seek advice from. Shy guys like to be more into themselves and less involved in social situations. This gives them more time to do critical thinking, which enables them to reach better decisions for giving great advice.

Shy people tend to have a different perspective about the things happening around them. They get plenty of time to keenly observe everything, the positive and negative traits about them, and what can be done to make a particular thing/situation better.

This habit helps them develop their critical thinking skills. Shy guys look at the world with their reserved lenses and take their time to understand the world better. Once girls start getting master advice from a guy, they would want to spend more time with a shy guy.

They’re polite to everybody

Shyness and rudeness can’t go hand in hand. Isn’t it? For being rude to somebody, a person needs to be loud in the first place. Shy guys are nowhere even close to being loud. So, there’s no point that they would not be polite to the person they are speaking/dealing with.

Girls appreciate polite and decent behavior coming from boys. Girls love boys who have manners and who respect everybody around them. Such characteristics of shyness can become an attractive trait and appreciate adorable shyness.

There are high chances of guys saying “please”, “sorry”, and “thank you” being liked by girls over the guys who don’t. Being polite is a basic trait that all of us must possess. Shy guys are blessed with this habit that often helps them enjoy a healthy relationship.

Shy guys are the best listeners

Do girls like quiet guys, you may ask? Listening for understanding is way better than listening just to respond. Shy people are brilliant listeners. The primary reason behind this habit is that they don’t like talking much. What will a person do if they don’t enjoy talking? They would listen. Isn’t it?

Moreover, girls enjoy conversing with people who are keenly interested in listening to what they have to say. Girls like it if their romantic partner listens to her carefully. When a guy listens to her, she can open up about herself even more.

Another reason behind shy guys having amazing listening skills can be social anxiety or the fear of abandonment. The traits of shyness do not necessarily have to be since birth. These characteristics of personality can also develop over time as a result of life experiences.

Shy guys are deep thinkers

Not only are shy guys blessed with the ability to think deeply, but they also look at the world from a very unique angle. You’ll never find a shy guy hurrying about things or rushing into their decisions. This is because they are thoughtful enough to have already analyzed the consequences.

Shy guys are also very reserved and secretive about their personal life. Quiet people tend to have a higher emotional quotient as compared to those who keep talking all day. This happens because shy people spend most of their time thinking and feeling every emotion.

Deep thinking is directly proportional to speaking less. A guy who speaks less is very likely to be sincere in real life. Girls highly appreciate sincere guys. They tend to fall for guys who portray affectionate behavior and such effective traits of shyness.

They’re great at conversations after opening-up

Not only are shy guys good at listening, but they also make for fantastic conversationalists once they open up with you. Girls don’t like boring guys. Shy guys aren’t necessarily boring. Sometimes, they just need the right person to be open with and then they speak their heart out.

Since shy guys have fairly good listening skills, they also know how to keep conversations moving. Once a shy guy opens up to you, not only will he tell you about himself but he’ll also ensure that he allows you to express yourself.

At times, shy guys master the skill of being a conversationalist so that they can be in a romantic relationship. A committed relationship requires both the partners to be expressive otherwise miscommunication can lead to unnecessary relationship issues.

They’re much caring and loyal

Shy guys are way more caring than guys who just blabber around they care and when the time comes, they are nowhere to be seen. Shy guys have a very interesting habit of observing everything very keenly. They will most certainly take notice of everything about their girl.

Girls tend to get more impressed with boys who remember small details about them. Shy guys are generally master this art and increase their chances of success with women for a long-term relationship. This characteristic adds to their already appealing personality.

Shy guys are very loyal when it comes to relationships. A woman with abandonment issues can also date a shy guy because she won’t have to worry about trust and loyalty with him. Shy guys care way too much and this nature helps them get a beautiful love life.

They never want to be the center of attention

What do girls like? Girls have a soft corner for guys who do not reveal everything about themselves very early in a relationship. They prefer to remain a mystery and keep their girl guessing about a lot of things. Girls tend to be more impressed with guys who have such traits.

By not talking just about themselves, shy guys ensure that they’re not being the centre of attraction. They let their girls speak and be themselves while captivating her into knowing more about himself by being a bit secretive. The shy personality type loves to remain a mystery.

Shy guys enhance their girl’s interest in them by not revealing everything all at once. They give her the time to ask questions and be curious about knowing more about the guy. The more he will remain a mystery, the more keen a girl would be in unravelling the same.

Why dating a shy guy is best?

They have some unique interests

If we take a look at the personal life of shy people, we would find quite a lot of interesting things about them. Shy people can make for the most potential partners for certain unique habits/hobbies they possess. Their unique interests make them more interesting than other guys.

When a girl meets a guy with certain unusual habits or unique habits, it is quite likely for her to want to know more about the guy. These traits of shyness hold a girl’s interest. There are many things that a shy guy discusses only with the girl he is in a relationship with.

Girls appreciate guys with unique habits. They indeed find such guys very attractive. Even a shy girl will be into a guy with interesting hobbies. She would want to explore more about his personality and such people can become potential partners for each other.

Shy guys are full of surprises

Shy guys are usually very secretive about themselves. They won’t talk to everybody about what they think or how they feel. However, once they meet a girl that they click with, they gradually open up in front of her and tell her things that the world otherwise doesn’t know about them.

Because of being reserved in nature, shy guys tend to express more of themselves through actions and not words. A shy guy would not speak as much as he does things in a relationship. Behind the shy nature, there usually lies a very creative mind that women truly admire.

Girls love surprises. Isn’t it?  A shy guy is very likely to surprise you with unusually interesting gestures like bringing you flowers for a special occasion  (or even otherwise) and leaving random notes outside your room about how much he loves you.

They have a great choice

What do gurls like? Needless to mention that almost all girls obsess over shopping. But, shopping alone isn’t that interesting. But, what if you have a shopping partner who is equally interested in shopping for you as you are? Sounds amazing, right?

This is where dating a shy guy would feel like a blessing to you. Shy guys often have a great choice. You are his choice, after all! What other proof do you require? If you ever feel that you want to shop for yourself and you don’t have a partner, go shopping with your guy.

Not only will he choose the best outfits for you, but he’ll also not get bored if you continue to shop for hours. Shy guys are way more patient than you can think of. In the process, there are chances that you fall even more for your guy because of this interesting trait he has.

They’re more understanding

A relationship is incomplete without trust and understanding. Both the partners must have a sound understanding of what the other one wants. One can only be in a long-term relationship if there is mutual respect and understanding.

Since shy guys are great listeners and deep thinkers, they take their time to understand all that their partner has to say. They listen to everything carefully and then absorb it in themselves before responding. This makes them understand the relationship much better.

And of course, girls love guys who can understand them. In a committed relationship, understanding and trust are the two major factors that determine whether or not it will be a long-term relationship. A beautiful love lie revolves around understanding more than anything else.

They’re more romantic

It would be just fair to say that shy guys are so cute. they are way more romantic than guys who scream that they are romantic. The most interesting thing about shy guys is that a lot remains hidden about them until they find the right person to open themselves up to.

Romance also happens to be one such hidden aspect about shy guys. Since they are deep thinkers, shy guys tend to come up with innovative ideas for expressing their love. They surprise their girls with new ways to be romantic and this makes them more attractive.

Shy guys don’t miss out upon a single chance to make their girls smile. They remember the tiniest things about her and surprise her in ways she probably can’t imagine. Girls love and adore such boys more because they take care of them in the best way possible.

They don’t argue over little things

Shy guys are less expressive, which means they hardly express their disagreements. They will listen to everything that their girl has to say but will put forward their opinions very rarely. As a result, shy guys generally don’t argue over small things.

Since they don’t argue, fight, or quarrel, the girl gets ample time to figure out the scenario and react accordingly. She gets more time and space to understand scenarios and situations better. This also helps her build more trust in her guy and ensures a healthy relationship.

Arguing over little things is, anyway, not a good idea. This is a significant habit that shy guys possess. They would just let their girls be and let her take her time to understand things. A committed relationship becomes more stable with lesser arguments.

They can do anything after committing

One of the best things about shy guys is that they will never step back once they have committed something. They do tend to get overprotective of their girl sometimes but they never break their girl’s trust. They make it a point to keep up with every promise that they’ve made.

Shy guys are determined when they’re in a relationship. This makes them more attractive. Girls usually adore boys who can keep their promises and who don’t run away from their commitments. Shy guys often give lifetime commitment to a girl and then abide by the same.

A woman with abandonment issues in the past can trust a shy guy with her next relationship. The reason behind this is very simple. This guy would not break her trust, be loyal to her, and ensure that he stands with her at every step in the relationship.

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Final Thoughts

Girls do have a soft corner for guys who can listen to her endlessly, think in depth about things, are surprisingly romantic, and understand them the best. Sometimes, such guys might tend to be a bit over-possessive in the relationship but that is just because they are very serious about their girl.

If you’re dating a shy guy, you would have to initially give him some time to open up to you. Once he opens up, you’ll get to know interesting things about his habits and hobbies. Shy guys have an introverted nature but it just takes them the right kind of company to reveal themselves, bit by bit.


How to get the girl as a shy guy?

Be loyal, understanding, and expressive towards the girl you want to have in your life.

How shyness can be attractive?

Unusual habits, unique hobbies, and the chance of a surprise element make shyness attractive.

Are shy guys loyal?

Shy guys are very loyal and keep their promise once they commit something in a relationship.

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