What Dreams About Crushes Really Mean

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Does my crush dream about me

When we fall asleep our subconscious mind uses our past and present things and creates something those are known as dreams. Sometimes we see what we were thinking before sleeping, it may be something that is not reachable in real life.

Dreams about a crush are so romantic. Sometimes you’re dreaming about a romantic date night with your crush, hugging them, talking to them, or just staring at them. You even make love to them or kiss them and vice versa.

All these dreams are not vain every time. They have deep and spiritual meanings in our life. So if you woke up from a dream and you are thinking why do I keep dreaming about my crush then this is the right place for you.

What dreams about crushes really mean

What dreams about crushes really mean

You must know what does it mean when you dream about your crush. Dream about crush is generally the image of your fantasies. You may dream about someone you already know, someone you are attracted to, or someone you fantasize about. In that case, your dream can be regarded as a wish-fulfilment dream.

Is it a possibility that you are thinking about a person during day time. You imagined good moments together and when you slept, you saw them in your dream. It is pretty acceptable because they were on your mind, 24*7 and your mind collected all those thoughts and hence you saw that dream but if this is not the case, then it has a meaning in your life.

The now whom you have seen in your area doesn’t need to be your crush. They may be your crush or maybe a metaphor for someone you would love to have in your life.

There are different meanings of dreaming about your crush. Let us understand some dream about crush.

If crush initiated kiss in a dream

If your crush has initiated a kiss in a dream, you will be on the ninth cloud and if you think why do I dream about my crushing kissing me, then here is the answer. The spiritual meaning of this dream can be, you are being liked for your qualities and the romantic aspect of this dream is that you want to have a romantic relationship with your crush.

They may have feelings for you and you may have that relationship in the future with them. This dream also means that you want a relationship but you are not ready completely but you desire someone in your life.
It is also a sign of attraction. Yes, your crush is attracted to you. Someone will kiss you when they feel attracted to you.

Dreams about sex with your crush

Sex is connected to your desire for physical intimacy. You are craving someone physically and it might be possible that you were thinking about your crush before dosing off and hence you saw that dream and it means that your body needs physical love from someone.

If you see your crush initiating sex with you then it is a sign that you want to be loved a desired by someone. You want someone to crave for you feel to be wanted physically and if you initiated it, you probably desire to make someone happy.

When another person is initiating the sex, it clearly means that there is some emptiness in your life which you to get filled by someone.

If you are already in a relationship then probably you desire this from your partner. You are dreaming about your crush because you lack this in your relationship. You should talk to your partner about this so that they can satisfy you.

Dreams that just have your crush’s face

We can never remember our dreams properly. They are blurry and if you see just a smiling face or a happy face of your crush, that’s a symbol of love. It means that you desire a romantic relationship with someone.

That face is the symbol of what you want in your soul mate and the relationship and this is a fact that when you see your crush’s face in a dream, you will always find them joyful and smiling.

When you can only recall their face from the dream and the dream scene blurry, then that’s the idol face of your soul mate the universe has projected an illusion of what your better half might look like.

Spiritual messaging of crushes

Dreams do have spiritual messages for you and not all dreams are meaningless. Universe uses such symbols to draw your attention to the things you are lacking in life. This dream indicates that there is some unnoticed need in your life that should come into the light now.

The energies of the universe want you to make a move. You should try to think about what is missing from your life, it can be love, respect, or anything. It is a possibility that you are not aware of something that is missing from your life but you should now notice it.

Dreaming about the death of your crush

Thinking that why do I dream about my crush who dies? Even if you see the death of your crush in your dream there is nothing to worry about. It does not mean that your crush will die.

It is a sign of a new beginning in your life. This dream means that you need to end some important chapter of your life and if an old crush dies this means that your feelings are dead for them.

This dream will level you in shock and take your breath away for a moment, but it has nothing to do with the actual death of any person. It just means you need to move on from something.

Dreaming about your crush Dismissing your feelings

Dreaming about your crush often comes with some anxiety. You always have a fear of your crush rejecting you, even though you have expressed your feelings to them or not.

You must convey your feelings to them without worrying about their answer and accept what they feel.

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Our life is full of desires. And dreaming about your crush may indicate your emotional and physical desire for someone in life. If you want love, you want an emotional and intimate bond with someone but if you feel alone physically then you desire someone physically.

Dreams about crush are so exciting. You wake up blushing or smiling and just happy but they are not always about the person you have seen in your dream. They are just the manifestation of someone in your life.

Either they themselves can enter your life in the future or you want someone like them. You desire a person of that kind of personality.

You can work on your old relationship with someone or you can create a new chapter in your life. When we fall asleep our subconscious mind uses our past and present things and creates something.


What does it mean if you dream about a celebrity crush?

A celebrity crush is the metaphor of someone in your life or someone you desire of that kind of personality.

Is this dream good or bad?

We dream what we desire. Sometimes we lack those things or they are missing from our life. There is nothing good or bad in it.

What does it mean if you dream about an ex-crush?

This indicates that you are jealous of them and you miss some spark in your current relationship (if you are committed), and if you are single, you desire someone in life.

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