How To Tell If Someone Likes You- 10+ Signs

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You all might have been through it once! Such tacky situations where you like someone but couldn’t figure out what they feel about you. Or a situation where you have been a secret admiration of someone, but you’re clueless about it. It’s reasonable. Even the clearest signs of attraction are difficult to read. Besides, you can’t peep into others’ hearts and look into their true feelings for you.

Asking them directly is way more complicated and uncertain. Your friendly bond might end up in discomfort and embarrassment. So, you need to look into those common signs which can interpret if they feel for you. In this article, you’ll get a rational answer of- “how to tell if someone likes you?” through every sign of attraction that gives you an honest response.

How to Tell if Someone Likes You

We’re all human and it is possible to be clueless whether someone is into you or not. If a person is very much interested in you then they may hit a pick up line on you to make you laugh and feel romantic.

Signs That Someone Likes You

They Mirror

People copy each other’s physical gestures, speech patterns when they share a mutual attraction. In psychological language, this human behaviour means mirroring. This mirror behaviour exhibits good communication and reciprocated interest. It’s a sign that he/she is feeling connected and comfortable with you.

Their Feet Are Always Pointed In Your Direction

Body Language and body positions also express a powerful sign of attraction. A person whose foot is facing you while talking to someone else means they’re interested in you. According to human behaviour specialists, such a person may sit in a different group, but he is thinking of addressing you.

They Find Excuses To Touch

One of the most obvious signs of attraction is physical contact. If the other person keeps touching you playfully and pinches you even when it’s unnecessary, it is possible that he/she likes you. Touches can even look accidental but may happen frequently, like brushing hands or knees. They may often look for ways to touch you in a way that won’t make you feel uncomfortable. It’s a clear sign, the person is head over heels for you.

They Always Laugh At Your Jokes

According to psychology, humor is another way of showing interest in someone. Someone who is laughing even at your ridiculous jokes might be interested in you. If you like someone, then try to intrigue them through a funny conversation with them. Make them enjoy your company. If they laugh and enjoy talking with you, it’s a good start.

They Go Out Of Their Way To Be Near You

According to psychological research, if someone likes you, he/she would find every possible way to be beside you. They would try to go to the places where they might have seen you. Or the places that you go to very often and would act as they stumbled upon you while passing by. They would join parties and events where you often go. This way they have more chances of interacting with you.

They Ask You Questions

While someone likes you, their feeling of curiosity multiplies with time. When someone is interested in you, that means they’re interested in knowing everything about you. They will ask personal questions about your life, personality, and may also ask relationship questions to show interest in you. They will be curious about your likes and dislikes, and everything about you that others don’t know.

They Remember Important Dates

Liking someone is a link between feelings and desires due to which even insignificant details seem important to you. If someone likes you, they would try to remember every minute and second detail related to you. That’s a nonverbal behaviour to show how important you’re to them. A simple way to show how much they care about you and would want to cling to everything referred to you.

They Have Trouble Making Eye Contact

According to a relationship coach, body language, eye contact, gestures, and expressions can easily show if someone likes you. This nonverbal behaviour can show someone’s interest in you. Especially among women, if they like someone, they often try to avoid direct eye contact. That’s because they feel nervous and embarrassed. Shy people often lose their composure in such situations.


How to tell if someone likes you? A simple answer to this is jealousy. If he/she gets jealous while you talk about some other boy or girl, means they might feel for you. They’ll go silent or change it to some other conversation topics. That’s because they’re affected and they don’t want to stretch the conversation any further. In a distinct case, they’ll try to hide their frustration, which is noticeable.


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They Compliment You

When someone keeps complimenting you almost every time, then it’s one clear sign they like you. If a guy does that, then he’s trying to make you feel good about yourself. He wants you to feel more confident with everything you do. It is one way of showing that he likes you.

They Like Your Pictures On Social Media

According to research, social media plays a significant part in today’s time. If someone likes you, he/she would respond to your every picture. They would like your pictures and display good comments to gain your attention.

They Aim To Impress You

When someone likes you, they would often do things to impress you. They would show an interest in what you like and would try to make it up with things like that. They would act thoughtfully in front of you and would always try to do the right thing.

They Want To Know Your Relationship Status

If they show interest in knowing about your relationship status, it’s obvious that they’re interested in you. They might want to set a firm relationship to pursue their deep feelings and sincerity towards you, and also show you that they would be a good lover. So, if you feel for them too, be clear with them.

Your opinion matters to them

If someone likes you, then they would want your approval for everything that they do. It is a common sign that they like you. They would often ask for your opinion on different matters. This is because if you like something about them, then it means they can choose to go along with you.

How to Tell If a Girl Likes You

So Someone Likes You. Now What? Breaking the Wall Between Friendship and First date.

By now you might have got an idea if they like you as a friend or is it more than that. If you’re not interested, start declining those telltales signs. Or else, respond to their signs of attraction if you like them, too. Since you know that you both share mutual interest and attraction, you can now ask them out on the first date.

  • Try to be normal and don’t put so much pressure on the first date. Friendship itself is a form of a long, healthy relationship. Just because you’re dating, it doesn’t mean you have to go all with those changeovers.
  • You don’t need to place for romantic dinner or any of that romantic relationship stuff. Keep it simple, spend time together as you used to do. Watch movies, hang out together, and do whatever you know so, you can learn more about each other.
  • Even if you know each other, the conversation may get awkward at some point. In that case, keep some conversation starter with you. Do a bit of research on social media to know what they’re interested in. This will help you avoid awkward silence on the first date.
  • Be as you are. According to a relationship coach, it will be helpful in the long run of your relationship. Don’t pretend or fake personality to match up with them. Let them accept you as you are. If they don’t, then there is no need to go all the way through pretending just for the sake of attention. 
  • At last, it’s a wonderful opportunity for you to know them. There is no such psychological trick for the first date. It’s on how you compile yourself, listen to what they have to say, and have a pleasant conversation with them.

In A Nutshell, Notice and Understand the Sign of Attraction

How to tell if someone likes you? Well, the answer to this question is certainly difficult. Any relationship expert has no 100% sure way to know if someone likes you. You just need to be aware enough to notice signs. And you need to have a good understanding of what these signs might be.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Tell if a Man Likes You?

If a man likes you, he listens to you without a pause. It’s a common sign of unspoken attraction, or maybe a desire to show you how much you mean to him. 

How to Tell if a Woman Likes You?

Women are shyer than men. If she looks down while you’re looking at her, it’s an excellent sign. This is a pretty obvious sign that she likes you.

They like you. What now?

Since you can notice the actual feelings of someone, it now depends on you. You can choose to respond to those telltale signs if you too feel for them or else you can decline them.

How to tell if someone likes you through text?

If a person texts back immediately, ask personal questions on texts and show these signs that mean they like you.

Can a girl tell if a guy likes her?

Mostly, if a guy likes a girl, he would show more interest in knowing about her. So, when a guy asks more about her name or what she does, she can easily sense his point of approach towards her.

What do I say if someone says I like you?

If you like them back, you can say, “I like you too.” If you don’t feel the same way, decline it politely. You can choose to say, “I respect your feelings, but I don’t think of you that way.”

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