How To Tell If Someone Likes You- 18 Signs

At one point or another, we’ve all been in a tricky situation where we just don’t know whether a person is into us or not. Whether it’s at work, school, or even on a first date. It sucks because now there’s no clear answer to the question “how to tell if someone likes you?” It’s okay, don’t feel embarrassed.

We’re all human and it is possible to be clueless whether someone is into you or not. If a person is very much interested in you then they may hit a cheesy pick up line on you to make you laugh and romantic.

So, how do you know if someone likes you? Fortunately, there are few signs that you can look out for to understand if someone is into you. These signs are subtle but you can notice them if you are attentive enough. The signs may differ depending on the gender of the person because of behavioural differences. So, to tell if a boy likes you or a girl likes you, you have to look for the specific signs as per the gender.

How to Tell if Someone Likes You

How to Tell If a Guy Likes You?

Gentle Touches: If a guy keeps touching you playfully and pinches you even when it’s not necessary, it is possible that he likes you. Touches can even look accidental but may happen frequently, like brushing hands or knees. They may often look for ways to touch you in a way that won’t make you uncomfortable. If a guy keeps doing this then this is one of the signs he likes you but is hiding it.

Acts Shy Around You: How to tell if someone likes you but is hiding it? Well, you can look for this sign. Because it’s common even in girls but happens more so with boys. Guys often act very awkwardly and shy around the girl they like. He would always try to act like he’s not shy at all but you’ll be able to notice if you pay attention. If this happens consistently then the chances of that guy liking you are pretty high.

Always Looking at You: Does he keep looking at you but looks away when you look back? If your answer is yes then he is likely into you. Guys do this out of attraction to observe you. You need to be aware enough to notice if he’s looking at you. But it should happen often, not just once. Because sometimes it can be an accident but if this happens frequently then he might like you.

He keeps Going to The Same Places as you: Guys try to go to the places where they might have seen you. Or the places that you go to very often. This way they have more chances of interacting with you. They also get to know how you are doing. They would act as they stumbled upon you while passing by. But when a guy has a crush on you, he always says these words in such situations to avoid any attention.

Keep Helping You: It is normal for some people to help but they can’t be available to help you all the time. Though if a guy likes he would be available to help you most of the time. He would always ask if you need any help and will always try to reach out to you. He might try to make sure that you come to him in case you need any help. If you notice these signs he is likely into you.

How to Tell If a Guy Likes You?

He is Very Protective: Guys are often protective towards the girl that they like. They would try to get you on the other side of the road where there is less traffic. Might try to stand taller in crowded public places. They would often try to give you enough space so that you don’t feel uncomfortable. If you can see these signs in a guy then chances of him liking you are very high.

Compliments You All The Time: Guys compliment the girl they like almost all the time. So, if a guy keeps complimenting you then it’s one of the signs he likes you but is hiding it. If a guy does that then he’s trying to make you feel good about yourself. He wants you to feel more confident with everything you do. It is one way of showing that he likes you.

Agrees With Whatever You Say: If a guy likes you then he would probably agree with you almost all the time. He would most likely accept your decisions on many different things. He would most likely be positive about your choices and would even appreciate you for it. He would hardly resist you on any matter. If you see signs like these in a guy then it’s very likely he is into you.

He Often Leans Toward You: Just Leaning a bit towards someone doesn’t conclude anything. But if a guy likes you he would lean in a lot more than others. You will be able to notice that he does this very often. Though he leans, he always tries to not make you uncomfortable. If you have a guy who does this with you then he probably likes you.

He Gets Jealous: How to tell if a boy likes you? The one-word answer to this jealousy. Guys get jealous if the girl they like starts talking about other boys. If he likes you then he would often get silent when you talk about other guys. He would try not to stretch the conversation any further. You may even notice that he is not adding anything to the conversation.

He Often Initiates Conversation: If a guy likes you then he would often try to have a conversation. He would always try to find excuses to have a conversation with you. More often than not, he would be the one to talk to you first. Though having a conversation is pretty normal. But if someone keeps looking for a way to have a conversation with you then they most likely are into you.

He Looks for Your Reaction Every Time He Jokes: Guys often try to be funny around the girls they like. They would crack jokes a lot more than usual when they are around the girl they like. And would always see the reaction of the girl they like. It is to make sure that the other person is having a good time. If you have a guy who keeps doing this then definitely likes you.

He Calls You When He is Drunk: Guys don’t call just anyone when they are drunk. They often call the person they like and want to talk to. When they are drunk they would probably be more honest. And as the old saying goes “A drunk person’s words are sober person’s thoughts”. The same is applicable in this situation too.

He Remembers Small Details: If a guy likes you he would try not to forget even the minute details. He will always try to remember your choices including your likes and dislikes. Because he cares about you and would want to understand you better than anyone else.

Talks About Future Plans with You: Guys might talk about their future plans if they like you. They would want you to know how they are planning to move forward in life. And would even like to get your opinion and understand whether their plans align with yours.

He pays attention to your interests: He will always try to take note of what your interests are. For example, if you like ice cream in the desert he might bring ice cream for you very often. This is his way of saying he cares about you and wants you to feel happy.

He Tries to Impress You: If a guy likes you he would often try to do things that might impress you. He would ask whether you like something or not. He would be careful about his actions and would always try to do the right thing.

He Often Buys Gifts for You: Guys like to offer gifts to the girl they like. This is the direct way of saying that they like you. They may even try to surprise you with gifts. By offering you a gift they would show that they care about you. And they want you to be happy.

How to Tell If a Girl Likes You

She Avoids Eye Contact: How to know if a girl likes you? Notice how she behaves around you. Girls are shyer than guys in general. When a girl likes you she will often look at you but will try to avoid eye contact. Because having direct eye contact may make her feel embarrassed. More so, it might become difficult for her to keep her composure in such a situation.

She Smiles at You: If a girl likes you she would often smile when she is looking at you. You may see her smile more than usual even when you are talking to her. She would often look very happy around you. It is because she likes being around you and enjoys every moment with you.

She Plays With Her Hair: Girls do this when they are nervous or shy about something. And the same thing happens when she likes you! It is because she can’t find any other way to act which would get your attention. This sometimes happens very naturally because they might feel nervous or shy around you.

She Touches Your Hands: She loves to be close to you. When she likes you, she would often touch your hands. This is because she wants to feel close to you but does it without making it too obvious. This indicates that she likes your presence and wants to be with you more often.

She Talks to You a Lot of Time: Girls tend to think carefully about what they say and how they say it. They don’t just talk just because the guy they like approached them. They only talk with the person they would like to spend time with. She enjoys having conversations with you. And it shows that she likes you!

How to Tell If a Girl Likes You

She Shows Concern: When a girl likes you, she wouldn’t want to miss a moment with you. She would always try to keep a check on you, to know that you are doing well. Moreover, when something bad happens the first person who the girl would think about is not necessarily her parents or friends but you! Because it shows that she really cares for you and your relationship even if it’s friendly.

She Keeps Contacts with You: Girls are very conscious about their social status, especially when it comes to boys. So, this means that they would want to keep in contact with you no matter how long it would take. If she likes you then she would make sure to be in touch with you.

She Likes to Text You Often: If she likes you, texts are an easy way of communicating with you. It is because it allows her to express herself quite easily without being nervous. She would have a lot of things to talk about if she likes you. You may even see that she is more open to you while texting as compared to talking in person.

She Looks at You a Lot: If she likes you then you would often find her looking at you. Even if you are in groups she will have her eyes on you. This shows that she wants to keep a look at you wherever you are. You may feel that it is just usual but if this keeps happening then it’s definitely a sign.

She Introduces You to Her Friends: If she likes you she would make you meet her friends. She would let her friends know about you. Because she wants you to know the people she hangs out with. And would also like to include you in that group. This way she will be able to spend more time with you too.

She Likes to Talk About You in Front of Your Friends: When a girl likes you, she would want her friends to know that she is in love with you. But because it could be embarrassing for her, girls are very conscious about what they say about their relationship status with guys to their friends.

She Approves of Your Friends: If a girl likes you, she would want to avoid getting into any conflict with your friends. This is because she doesn’t want your friends to get annoyed with her. So, if she approves of your friends, then it means that she likes you because she doesn’t want to create any bad relationship with your friends.

She Talks About Yourself: When a girl likes you, she would want you to know everything about you. This will help her understand you better and your choices. She would want to know your likes and dislikes better than anyone else. So, if she is always trying to talk about you and know more, then it means that she likes you.

She Cares About Your Opinions: If she likes you, then she would want your approval for everything that she does. It is one of the signs she is secretly attracted to you. She would often ask for your opinion on different matters. This is because if you like something about her then it means that she is good enough for you.

She Gives You Your Space For Conversations: If a girl likes you she would always try not to make you uncomfortable. She would always try to give you enough space so that you feel free around her. She will try to ask you if she is interrupting because she cares about you.

She Blushes Often: How to know if your crush likes you? The simplest way is to look whether she blushes around you. If a girl likes you then you would regularly see her blushing when she comes into your presence. This happens because her heart would beat faster. It would often show on her face and make her blush immediately.

She Would Rather Have You as a Friend: If a girl likes you, she would probably not be willing to go out with another guy and pretend to be friends so that she can hide the true feeling behind them. She would want to be honest with you and want to let you know about her feelings for you immediately so that she can easily cope with the situation better.

She Dresses to Impress You: If a girl likes you she would often ask you how she looks in a certain dress. She may ask you to choose something for her to wear. This shows that she wants to look good for you so that you notice her. By asking opinions directly from you she would make sure she dresses to impress you.


How to tell if someone likes you? Well, the answer to this question is certainly not easy. In fact, being 100% sure whether someone likes you or not is almost impossible. However, you can always have a better idea of whether someone likes you or not. If someone likes you they would always give certain hints and signs knowingly or unknowingly. You just need to be aware enough to notice these signs. And you need to have a good understanding of what these signs might be. All of which you can get in the article.

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