Should You Kiss On The First Date For A Good Start

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Tomorrow is the first date with the guy you like. You are all set with the dress, some makeover, and a special gift. You are struggling for a beauty sleep because all you are thinking is to have a nice time with your partner. Your mind must be thinking about how close will you come and whether you should kiss on the first date or not.

There are no pre-defined dating rules. The level of comfort decides it all. You may just give a side hug or give a kiss on the forehead or can hit a pick up line. Depends on the type of bond you share. A kiss has different meanings. It can be a gesture of affection or a way to arouse someone sexually. It depends upon the situation and the level of intimacy you have.

There is awkwardness, nervousness, anxiety, and excitement at the same time. You might just exchange a handshake and nothing more. And in some situations, guys give a peck on cheeks, neck, or lips.

A kiss on the first date is an optional and mutual decision. If you feel so, do it, and if you don’t, wait for it.

Should you kiss on the first date?

What does a kiss on a first date mean?

A kiss on the first date is one of the lifetime moments of your relationship. If you have kissed each other on the first date, you share a very good level of comfort and understanding, and so it becomes easy to decide how many dates should you need before a relationship.

One of the common meanings of kissing on the first date can be you got carried away and you kissed in the heat of the moment. The atmosphere and the vibes made you kiss each other and you kissed without a thought.

Your partner found you so attracted that they could not control themselves from kissing you. Maybe you were looking pretty, or smelling so good and they found themselves physically connected with you.

What does a kiss on a first date mean?

If the kiss on the first day took place before the date ended, it means they want you to stay. They enjoyed the beautiful time with you and they do not want you to leave. And they are expecting you to meet again very soon.

During the date, they felt romantic and they kissed you to express their feelings. They want to express how good they feel around you and they love to spend time with you. The setup and ambience made them feel romantic.

Something in you or about you has left them amazed. It does not take much time and effort to feel ignited about someone. Might be just a long state in your eyes that made them kiss you. It can be your charm that made them insane about you.

Things to consider About Whether (or Not) You Should Kiss On The First Date

The decision of whether to kiss on the first date is up to you both. It is on you whether you feel to do it or not. And it comes out from the level of bond and chemistry.

The situation would be completely different if you are dating your childhood crush. You guys know each other for years and there is a 90% possibility that you both will kiss each other on your first date.

Though these things are not pre-planned. They happen instantly. But you can consider a few things about kissing on the first date.

Things to consider About Whether (or Not) You Should Kiss On The First Date

Confirming to go on next level: When you are friends before dating and you share a very good bond, kissing can be a very powerful key to express that you are ready to take it to the next level. In fact, it is better than words.

Sign of Enthusiasm: A kiss on the first date is usually a sign of enthusiasm. It gives a better ending to your date. It is a way of expressing that you loved the time you have spent together. You kiss them to say you are excited to see them again.

Check on the Chemistry: A kiss on the first date tests your chemistry with your partner. It shows how much do you go along. It shows the depth of your physical and emotional connection.

Shows the level of intimacy: A kiss on the first date depicts the level of intimacy between both of you. If you just give a side hug to each other, you are not yet physically comfortable but if your kiss, you have the fire between you two!

Natural Process of Official Relationship: A kiss on the first date is an obvious step when you are officially committed to each other. You have spent enough time dating and now you are sure about them. When you both spend a long and good time together doing different things feel to kiss each other.

Wants to say I LOVE YOU: When you cannot control your emotions for your partner and romance overwhelms your heart, you kiss your partner to say I LOVE YOU.  You feel a kiss is a better way of expressing how you feel.

Should You kiss On the First Date?

The thought of your first date will keep you overwhelmed and excited at the same time. But relax guys don’t be too nervous. Take it easy. Just be you and you are good to go.

You cannot decide in advance whether you should kiss on your first date or not as you don’t know how you will exactly feel on the date. You can obviously go for it if you feel that fire between you both. If you feel a level of spark and connection, just kiss them.

Do not give it a thought. Simply go with the flow and let whatever may come upon. This is the best you can you on your first date. If you find yourself a non-typical personality who would kiss anyone, the matter ends here. You can definitely kiss your date!

It happens when your partner wants you to initiate it. They would just linger upon you or bring their face closer after hugging then you must go for the kiss. They are hinting at you and you must not disappoint them on your first date.

if you want to leave your partner wanting for more, a kiss will do the magic. It will make them feel like how kissing feels like and they will be more curious for the next date. The less you give, the more they will crave for!

Should You kiss On the First Date?

Is It Bad If You Do Not Kiss On the First Date?

Maybe you kiss each other on the first date and then never see each other again and maybe you have not, and had a long-term beautiful relationship. It’s all up to your chemistry.

The person might not have kissed you because

  • You both want to save it for the second date. You want to meet again soon and feeling the fire but not kissing them will make them more curious to see you soon.
  • You are too nervous to think about it. The first date brings a lot of pressure to the mind. You end up thinking about the Dos and Donts. You may feel confused about whether they will like it or not and decide not to do it.
  • You do not want to hurry and you like it slow. Maybe just hug each other on the first date ad it made you feel happy. You think of exploring more about them before kissing.
  • You actually fee for them! When we actually like them a lot, we think of their side too. You are scared if kissing them will make them think that you are just physically interested in them.

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How to act after the kiss?

A kiss on the first date will make it a date to remember forever. Look into their eyes and give a warm smile, make them feel comfortable, touch your foreheads, rub your noses, and hold onto the moment for a while.

Do not act as if nothing happened and do not move away immediately. It will make them feel regret. Slowly pull yourself back, say comforting words to your partner. Ask them to remain calm but do not mistake to pass a joke. It will create an impression as if you did not mean to kiss them.


No one can decide whether you should kiss on your first day or not. Everything depends on your chemistry and level of comfort. There is no right or wrong in kissing or no kissing. Just follow your heart and do as it says.


What happens when you kiss on your first date?

It helps you see their romantic side and makes the date unforgettable. It increases the level of comfort and builds chemistry.

Why do people like to kiss on the first date?

They want to test the waters and the physical chemistry between you too. Also, they feel it is the best way of showing their affection towards you.

What are the meanings of a kiss?

They really like you and are attracted towards you, they went with the flow, they saw that spark and they matched your vibes.

What if my date wants to kiss me?

If you want it, let them go ahead and if you wish to wait, tell them the truth.

What is the most important thing about a first date?

Make each other comfortable, try to know more about each other, try to break the silence,  be yourself, and respect each other.

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