What Is The Law Of Attraction? How To Use It

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Law of attraction

The human brain is stored with unlimited data collected since the birth of a human being and will carry on doing that in the future till the end of life. You might hear about the variations of the human mind. They are – the conscious mind and subconscious mind.

In simple terms, the Conscious mind is a human state of mind that records the logical data collected. The subconscious mind is a human state of mind that records data through frequent physical actions.

In the same way, the human brain consists of two sides – the positive side and the negative side. The positive side of the brain generates positive thoughts and feelings, and the negative side of the brain creates negative thoughts and feelings.

If you are mostly attracted to positivity, you would like to date a person with the same qualities. The same follows for negative attraction.

The theoretical study says that implementing positive thoughts in action gives positive results, and the performance of negative thoughts gives negative outputs. The philosophy of positive and negative actions is known as the “law of attraction”.

Law of attraction

What Is the Law of Attraction?

Law of Attraction means, a theory that analyses the human thought process and generates the positive and negative thoughts/feelings in a human mind.

One person gets attracted to another person when they seem to be more likely to mingle. This tendency is created in the human mind because people find the opportunities to see the benefits/growth and generate the energy they mostly pay attention to. This is law of Attraction definition.

When you apply the law of attraction to choose your life partner, it shows a great influence on what kind of person you will get attracted to. You will mostly get attracted to your kind of person. Even though, choosing the right partner for you is not an easy task.

The Different Laws of Attraction:

The law of attraction is a powerful law and the only one among the 12 different laws of the universe that analyses the human mind; and conveys to the heart what we feel, what we think, and what we would like to do. The mind filters out the feelings and thoughts we are attracted to.

This law of attraction is classified into seven different sub-factors. The rules of attraction of each sub-factor are different. Implementing one among the 7 laws of attraction according to your type will help you to find a compatible partner for you.

The Different Laws of Attraction:

The Law of Manifestation:

The title of this law of attraction says it all – “Manifestation.” It is the law of expressing your desires into action. This law is the most usual one among the other directions. This law states that to which extent the person focuses on their attractions, the more likely they get favorable results.

The interest in something can be either positive or negative. The more they believe the prominent thoughts and make the decisions, the more effective the outcome is. It is well & good until this law is implemented for positivity.

The Law of Magnetism:

This law states that the vibrational energy generated in your body and the vibrational energy in the people you like around you or things is interrelated. Just like the magnets, we connect to our attractions like people, things you like in your life.

This law is applied when you desperately want someone to be your life partner who possesses the same energy as you do; or something which is making your life incomplete. This law is not so simple to be implemented. It needs practice because the sudden thought process change doesn’t work out.

The Law of Unwavering Desire:

When you feel that the results of your actions are unpredicted and all your efforts are wasted, it’s a sad feeling. When you are confused and think again about whether what you want is essential or not, you feel scared.

This is when you need to know and apply “The Law of Unwavering Desire.” It describes why your efforts are wasted and how the outcome was unfavourable. It helps clarify your confusion, kick out your worries, and rethink what you need.

The Law of Delicate Balance:

When you know how to balance work and family, you be in a happy mood all the time, and your mind goes to a peaceful state. You can achieve your goal and dreams if and only if you are dedicated. You can concentrate well, and you have a positive attitude towards it.

When you think in this way, your energy levels are positive towards achieving your desires, and you are headed towards success. You receive the most potent elements like appreciation, encouragement, and gratitude from your partner.

The Law of Harmony:

Every element of the entire universe is connected, and this is how “the world” is created. Harmony is the primary connection of the universe. The Law of harmony helps you reveal yourself and lets you use the power you hold and align your thoughts with the energy flow of the universe.

When you do that and tap on the universe’s flow, you observe that the universe permits access to something beneficial the universe likes to present to you. When you grasp the universal flow, you are unstoppable.

Harmony in a relationship is when you and your partner have a common goal of staying together. You both put equal effort and you develop a deep connection between you. All the problems and differences are eradicated.

This law also means that working on your relationship, you should be calm and patient with yourself first. And also, you must worry less about yourself.

The Law of Right Action:

Do you remember Newton’s third law of action and reaction? A similar law is applied here. If you understand & treat your partner well, your partner’s response is likely. If you misunderstand &mistreat, your partner ignores you or leaves you.

Not only people, but the same law also applies to your actions. If your actions are positive, the results are positive. And if you perform negative actions, the outcome is also harmful. Everything depends on the kind of energy flowing in your body.

The Law of Universal Influence:

As everything is connected to the universe, our actions significantly influence the world, and the influence of the world also hits on us. This law states that it is necessary to be careful and consciously think before speaking to others or performing any action. This law helps you in how to take care of your relationship.

When you can see the best in the person you like, it shows the positive influence. The same repeats when it comes to negative influence. If your actions affect your partner, family, or friends; it may show the same effect on the strangers. So, please think twice before you speak or do anything.

How to Use the Law of Attraction:

For example, watching fantasy dramas in the movies or reading about unrealistic actions in the novels creates a huge influence if you like them and you attract to them. But you cannot apply the actions of the fictional world to the real world. So, the law of attraction says that when you would like to date the person you like, then you have to put in possible efforts into creating your own real world.

Elders always say, “Believe in yourself.” The law of attraction also suggests the same. If you believe in what you perform, the results will be accurate for you.

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Implementing the “Law of Attraction” will always positively impact your life. Your physical condition and mental state will be fine and help maintain better well-being. It improves your thought process, improves your mood, keeps your mind in a peaceful state, and creates positive energy in and around you. You will be clear about the person you like and are interested in a date.


What is the Impact of the Law of Attraction?

The Law of attraction ensures that it positively impacts your life. The application of this law helps you to purify your mind.

Is the Law of Attraction Real?

The “Law of Attraction” is just a philosophy but the applications of the “law of attraction” are actual and exist in the universe.

Can you attract negativity also?

It depends on the thought process of your mind. If your feelings and thoughts are negative, you are attracted to a negative person.

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