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Top 17 Japanese Pick Up Lines That Are Actually So Cheesy

Gwen Adams

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Every culture has different ways of expressing love but one thing that remains the same is the feelings and emotions we have for each other. The only difference between western and Japanese cultures of relationships is about the actions. They show what they say.

Pick-up lines are a medium for expressing feelings towards anyone. And if you have a Japanese crush and you are trying to level up your flirting game then we have the best collection of such pick-up lines for you. Here is a collection of funny, cute, dirty, and raunchy lines for Japanese people.

Getting Cheesy

1. あなたははるのいちばんのさくらよりうつくしい
(Anata wa Haru no ichiban no sakura yori utsukushī)
Meaning: You are more beautiful than the most beautiful cherry blossom

2. ラブホテルへいくぞ。。。!
(Rabuhoteru e iku zo… !)
Meaning: Let’s go to the Love Hotel…

Note: A Love Hotel in Japan is a hotel where couples go to have some private time. Going here basically means… doing that. So you should be aware of when you use this one!

3. あなたはモデルさんより美しいです。
(Anata wa moderu san yori utsukushii desu.)
Meaning: You’re more beautiful than a model.

Basic Japanese Lines

Japanese pick up lines

4. LINE IDを 教えてくれる?
(LINE ID o oshiete kureru?)
Meaning: Can I get your LINE ID?

5. お茶でも飲みに行きましょうか?
(Ocha demo nomi ni ikimashō ka?)
Meaning: Shall we go and get some tea?

6. かわいいですね。
(Kawaii desu ne.)
Meaning: You’re cute.

Romantic Lines

7. 君を見ると、ドキドキするよ。
(Kimi o miru to, dokidoki suru yo.)
Meaning: My heart beats loudly when I look at you.

8. 君のことしか考えられない
(Kimi no koto shika kangae rarenai)
Meaning: I can’t get you out of my head.

9. キスしてもいい?
(Kisu shite mo ii?)
Meaning: Can I kiss you?

Lines to Use at a Bar

10. どっかで会ったことがある?
(Dokka de atta koto ga aru?)
Meaning: Did we meet somewhere before?

11. この席は空いていますか?
(Kono seki wa aite imasu ka?)
Meaning: Is this seat taken?

12. ここにはよく来ますか?
(Koko ni wa yoku kimasu ka?)
Meaning: Do you come here often?

Lovable Lines

13. 君じゃなきゃダメなんだ
(imijyanakya damenannda)
Meaning: I can not live without you

14. 僕が君を守るよ
(Boku ga Kimi wo mamoruyo)
Meaning: I will always protect you

15. 結婚してくれますか/くれる?
(Kekkon shite kuremasuka/kureru?)
Meaning: Will you marry me?

X-Rated Japanese Lines

16. シックスナインすき
(Shikkusunain suki)
Meaning: I like to 69.

17. バックシートにすわろ。
Back-shiito ni suwaro.
Meaning: Let’s get into the back seat.

Caution: Use these pick-up lines only if you are sure about what you are saying. They have a tendency to take things seriously and your crush might get offended if you do not match your words.

Pick up lines in other languages

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How to say “you’re pretty” in Japanese?
You’re pretty in Japanese is きれいだね

How do I say “I Love You” to my Japanese crush?
In Japanese, I love you is said in 3 levels. すきです means like or love, だいすきです is near to love but less than it, and あいしてる means I love You.

How to call someone cut in japan?
You are cute in Japanese means かわいいね.

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