What Is A Platonic Relationship & How It Work

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Platonic relationship

We human beings in our lifetime are continuously trying to associate with other people. As a result, we form many kinds of relationships. Here we will talk about platonic relationships and what they provide to us.

What is a Platonic relationship mean?

Plato is considered a great thinker who gave a metaphysical theory of the forms. The term ‘Platonic relationship’ is derived from the name of the great thinker himself. Plato believed in the kind of love that flourishes through the connection between two individuals, eventually leading them towards the ultimate truth rather than the sexual ideas of romantic love perceived commonly.

So platonic relationship meaning is the relationship that provides you with platonic love. This love is beyond your sexual needs and gives you emotional comfort on a much deeper level.

What is a Platonic relationship mean?

You can have platonic love even in a romantic relationship. Platonic relationship definition- A platonic relationship is the type of relationship in which sexual intimacy is absent but at the same time provides you with a sense of security, respect, and makes you feel loved.

Now, what is platonic love meaning? Platonic love is the kind of love that is based on the emotional connection you have with an individual rather than any sexual relationship. Platonic love makes you feel secure and loved without making you worry about the relationship.

Generally, there are no romantic feelings involved in platonic love, but there can be the presence of physical intimacy between the individuals, which can be sexual or nonsexual. An example of a sexual, platonic relationship is a friend with benefits relationship between two people.

It is the emotional understanding and connection between two people at a much deeper level than human beings crave.

You can have platonic relationships with your parents, siblings, friends, co-worker, and with anyone who makes you feel secure and loved.

Signs that your relationship is platonic

Appreciation: The platonic relationship is based on shared interest and genuine appreciation for the other person. If you appreciate the person for who they are and what they do genuinely without any feelings of passion, your relationship can be very healthy and platonic.

Understanding: As in any romantic relationship, a platonic relationship between two people needs to have a great understanding. The platonic relationship only flourishes if you can understand the person very well and support them.

Signs that your relationship is platonic

Closeness: Shared closeness is an essential aspect of a platonic relationship. The individual is close in the platonic relationship, but the romantic feelings are still absent. Closeness in a platonic relationship helps you feel more comfortable around the person. It allows you to explore different aspects of yourself, which might be a little tricky in a romantic relationship.

Honesty: In a platonic relationship, you feel no need to impress the other person and be fully honest. You can be open about your insecurities and not feel any pressure to maintain a physical image.

Acceptance: In a platonic relationship, acceptance is found more than in a romantic relationship. It feels easier to accept the person you are in a platonic relationship with, there seems no need to change the other person, and you can also be comfortable in your skin.

Boundaries: In a platonic relationship, individuals are emotionally intimate, and you feel connected to the person more profound. However, sexual feelings can permanently cripple in, so you must have your boundaries and respect the edges of the other person.
The boundaries in a platonic relationship are usually:

  1. Physical boundaries: You might have a solid emotional connection with the person but might not want to engage in any sexual intimacy.
  2. Respect for each other personal choices: Respect for each other opinions is essential for any platonic relationship to flourish. Respect each other consistently.
  3. Give each other personal space: Respect for each other personal space and preferences helps you build trust.
  4. Communication Boundaries: Keep the communication open, honest and respectful.

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A platonic relationship provides security and comfort outside the romantic relationship. This type of relationship allows you to trust the other person and yourself. You find a kind of love that is not demanding and allows you to have your own space.

Your romantic partner may feel insecure about your close bond with someone outside the romantic relationship, or you may find sexual attraction creeping into your platonic relationship. The key to solving these problems is always having open and honest communication with your partner.


Can a Platonic Love Relationship turn into a Romantic relationship?

A platonic relationship provides a solid base for the romantic relationship to start but it is not always the matter.

Why do we keep things Platonic?

Keeping things platonic helps us to have a peaceful and calm relationship. It allows us to explore ourselves and accept the other person regardless of judgment.

How to form a successful platonic friendship?

You can make your platonic friendship work by always respecting each other’s opinions, emotionally boosting up each other, having healthy communication, and being supportive.

Are Platonic relationships healthy?

People with platonic relationships tend to be more secure individuals and physiologically in a healthier place.

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