Relationship Pet Peeves That Affect Your Relationship

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Relationship pet peeves

Relationships do not run smoothly always. Initially, in your honeymoon phase, everything will go smooth and you will love everything, you go on a date, You feel as if everything is just perfect in your life.

Slowly and gradually you will get to know more about your partners like their habits, personality, or behaviour and then you will find the relationship pet peeves. Let us know what are the common pet peeves in relationships and how do they affect your romantic relationship.

relationship pet peeves

What are Pet Peeves?

Pet peeves in a relationship are something that causes annoyance to your relationship partner. For instance, dirty laundry by your partner, bad habits like no etiquette on the dinner table, bad sleeping habits, etc.

In starting, such things are ignorable but after a particular point, these little things will gradually start making your relationship toxic and will break your loving relationship.

There are a few common pet peeves in relationships but some are just guy pet peeves and some are girl pet peeves.

What are Pet Peeves?

Biggest Pet Peeves in Relationships

Being late all the time

It is the most common pet peeves in relationships. Just for an instance, if you have planned a dinner night with your partner. They are ready and waiting for you but you get late.

The reason may be work or traffic or anything but it will spoil their mood. Any person can consider this for a maximum of 2-3 times but after that, they will get offended.

They will feel as if only they are making efforts to make it on time and you are too busy for them.

Acting childish around family

Your partner will find it very cute when sometimes you will behave childishly in front of them but do not indicate this peevish behaviour in front of their family.

A family expects a mature person who can handle the responsibilities to their child and the family and this behaviour will close the doors for your future with your better half. Such relationship pet peeves are the worst destructors.

Being indecisive

Taking suggestions from your partner before making a crucial decision in a relationship is a sign of a healthy relationship but if you will give them the responsibility of deciding everything every time, you will end up losing your self-respect so you should set healthy boundaries.

Your partner will not like your incapability of decision-making. You must have your thought on everything so that it doesn’t become a reason for destroying your loving relationship.

Keeping messages and calls hanging

When you are in a relationship, you need to give time to each other irrespective of your busy schedule. This is not a duty or an obligation but it is a need. making them wait for too long will piss them off.

Just for instance, if your partner called you up and you are too busy in the office, just send them a text that you will call back as soon as you get free.

These small efforts will help you in eradicating at least something from your pet peeves list for relationships.

Acting rude to other people

Acting rude to others is one of the biggest dating pet peeves in the relationship. Just imagine, you are very sweet towards your partner and they see behaving rudely to other people. They will immediately catch your duel personality trait.

It is a red flag for them. A person always wants their life partner to be kind and generous with everyone, even to a stranger.

Acting self-centred

In a relationship, it is more about another person than you. It would indicate your peevish behaviour if you will always remain confined to yourself.

You must think about both of you to avoid pet pavees in a relationship.

Not knowing how to apologize

Small gestures like sorry and thank you play a vital role in a relationship. Mistakes can be done by anyone but not apologizing to your partner or the hurt you have caused to them can be the biggest pet peeves in a relationship.

Say sorry to your relationship partner, it will help to heal them.

Friendship with the exes

These are the worst pet peeves in relationships. Your lover will never like your closeness and friendship with your exes. they will feel a sense of security every time to talk to them or meet them.

They know friendship is impossible after loving and if you truly love your partner, create a distance from your exes first.

Being Clingy

You should let your partner breathe. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you do not give space to your partner. For instance, if your partner is having a social time with friends, do not call them again and again and spoil their eve!

These clingy gestures are okay in the honeymoon phase but after some time they will cause irritation and will prove to be one of the serious pet peeves in the relationship.


Healthy jealousy is never a problem in fact your partner will love but if you will feel insecure while they talk to some other person, it will reflect your lack of trust in them. It is a common pet peeve example in relationships.

Do not question them about every person they are talking to. Just remember they love you and trust them on this.

Not owning up to your words

Not owning up to your words is really the worst relationship pet peeves. You should always know what will hurt your partner or make them aggressive.

Once you have spoken something, no matter how badly you try but you cannot take your words back. They will remain in their mind and they won’t like it.

Not enough time for intimacy

Intimacy is the basis of trust in any relationship. When you have a good physical bond, you will have a great emotional bond. So, you should pay heed to intimacy from time to time, and if you fear intimacy then you should try to overcome it.

Lack of intimacy will cause frustration, fights and dissatisfaction in the relationship.

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The relationship pet peeves like annoying behaviour, bad habits, messy behaviours, or anything that is bothersome will slowly cause tension in your romantic relationship.

The other significant will start feeling frustrated, aggressive, dissatisfied, and irritated and it is pivotal to recognize these pet peeves in relationships and manage them accordingly.

These are nothing but just unnecessary hurdles in your relationship which can be solved with ease.


Can a pet ruin a relationship?

Pet pevees in a relationship is the biggest destructor. If proper attention will not be given to these things, it will disbalance everything.

How to address pet peeves in a relationship?

Talk to each other at a silent place or your home about what annoys you ad try to find out a mutual solution.

What are some girly pet peeves?

People judge when women drinks, they feel shocked when they can drive, making fun of their body shape and not accepting them without makeup.

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