How To Fix A Struggling Relationship – 9 Ways

Gwen Adams

How to fix a relationship?

Relationships are not always like walking in the park. It does not always have happy moments, ups and downs are an integral part of any relationship. If everything goes smoothly, there will not be any spark between you two.

Little fights, Crying, tears, persuading, all are part of a healthy relationship. All such things sound cute and romantic only when they are under the limit. In movies, a relationship is always fantasized about or picture-perfect happily ever after. But in real life, it requires huge efforts to make someone walk with you throughout life. And knowing how you can fix a struggling relationship always helps.

A relationship grows exactly like a plant. It requires nourishment in the form of love, care, affection, understanding, and communication. It showers you with the fruits of trust and satisfaction. It requires the dedication of time and lots of patience.

Why do relationships fail?

We all say and believe that the concept of love and relationship is beautiful. But it makes life insane if the roots of this relationship are breached.

Why do Relationships Fail?

Whenever we walk into a new relationship we always try to keep our partner happy and satisfied in every aspect. As time flies we knowingly or unknowingly tend to lessen the efforts we made at the start. As time passes by we tend to take them for granted. This is the situation where the relationship starts to fall apart.

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Betrayal: It can occur in any form, mainly it’s an affair with a third person. In a relationship betrayal is infidelity. When a person becomes sexually active with others, it leads to a breach of trust. You tend to lose faith in their loyalty and the relationship starts to fall apart.

Differed priorities: A relationship starts to fall apart when priorities change. If one partner will give more weightage to work or friends or some other things, it will start creating differences in both of you.

Why do relationships fail?

Different relationship goals: A relationship comes to an end if both of you have different goals in your relationship. If one person is casually involved with you but you are dreaming of the happily ever after, it will end up hurting you.

Comparing your relationship with other

Every relationship is unique in its own way. If you will try to compare your relationship with other relationships, it will obviously lead to unnecessary chaos and differences. and will ultimately end up falling you apart.

Lack of time

Giving time does not mean meeting them every day but you can give them time through video calls, normal calls or chats, and texts. If there is a lack of time given to others in your relationship then it will lead you to fall apart.

When a Relationship is Worth Saving?

How to fix a relationship becomes a secondary matter first you must know it is worth saving or not. Before moving on from a person, you must know whether the person still matters in your life? Apart from the grudges that hold for them, do you still love them?

Anger is a temporary emotion, it fades away with time. But once you break a relationship, it becomes difficult to get back. But the question arises here. When would you know if the relationship is worth saving? Here are some points you must consider before any relationship.

When a relationship is worth saving?

Love still exists: Love is the reason for your relationship. It is something that has got you together. If the same love still exists between you two then you must know that your relationship is worth saving. You must give it a chance before diving into any conclusion.

You care for them: Even after so many problems and fights if you think about whether they had their meal? Are they okay?  And a lot more things this means that you guys care for each other. You care about the relationship and that is the point you realize it’s worth giving a chance.

Thought of forgiving strikes your mind: It is the tendency of every creature on this earth to make mistakes. When you feel to forgive the mistakes of your partner, your relationship is worth saving.

Respect prevails: Fights happen in every relationship. But even if in anger, you respect each other it definitely deserves to be saved.

You see a future together: There is always one person in our lives without whom we cannot imagine life. No matter how hard it gets but what we wish is to stay with them forever. We feel to survive in all situations and we see the future in their eyes.

Their one smile makes your heart jump: No matter how angry you are or how deep the fight is if their one smile makes your heart jump with joy, then it is totally worth it.

How to Rescue a Damaged Relationship

Now that you have analyzed your relationship thoroughly and you feel that your relationship is damaged but you want to save it. Now the question is how will you fix the broken relationship? What should you do to save your relationship and how should you guys get back together? Slow and steady winning the race is what I suggest.

Once you have decided to get back, do not hustle to make everything the same as earlier. A damaged heart takes time to heal. You cannot fix everything just in a day. It just takes a second for anything to get spoiled but it takes time to fix something that has been broken. You should

How to Rescue a Damaged Relationship

Take full responsibility if you are at fault

If you take responsibility for your fault, it will help to regain their trust in you. This will not only help in rebuilding the trust but is also a sign of a healthy relationship. To get your relationship back to track, you need to accept your fault and stop playing the blame game.

Give your partner the opportunity to win your trust back

Give your partner a chance to explain themselves. It will take time for you to trust your partner again but you need to give them the opportunity to win your trust back. If they try to make small efforts to win your trust then you should try not to repeat the gone fights. Try not to remind them of their mistakes, instead give them a chance to win your heart.

Extend compassion and care to the person you hurt

Healing needs caring. When we hurt someone who we think is our lifeline, it needs extra effort, sympathy, and care to fix their heart. There will be times when their love will burst on you in form of aggression, but you need to stay calm and let them speak their heart out.

At such times you need to take hug them a little tighter and show them the extra care. When they will see care from your side their heart will start reviving for you.

Manage expectations

Every relationship is loaded with a truck of expectations. Relationships and expectations go hand-in-hand. They are always present in our hearts no matter we want them or not. Some relationships are on the edge of ending because one partner is not able to cope with the expectations of their partners.

Both of you should try to understand what do you expect from each other and then manage them. For a Little instance, if your partner expects you to take a day off on their birthday, and spend the day with them, just do it.

Actively listen

Communication is the key. But do not just say, you must listen too. Try to make eye contact with your partner when they are trying to speak to you. Give verbal and non-verbal gestures wherever required.

It will help them understand that you are listening to them and you are interested to talk to them. Also, do not assume anything before listing to the entire communication.

Say “thank you ” for small things

Gratitude is the powerful catalyst for happiness. It is the simplest way to make a relationship happy and strong. Saying “thank you” helps to release the oxytocin also known as “love hormone,” says as study.

When this hormone is released, your partner feels being cared for and loved by you.  Imagine how amazing it is, just a word and you made them smile.

Have fun together

Good memories replace the bad ones. When you have fun together, you will create new good memories which will help you both to come out from your fights and lead you towards love for each other.

Maintain intimacy and communication

Intimacy helps you know more about your partner. It keeps connected with them. Communication helps to eradicate misunderstandings and brings transparency in your relationship.

Build a bridge, and Get over It

A bridge is a connecting line between you two. After problems, you both will feel disconnected from each other. Restart your relationship, create a strong and solid connection between both of you, and try to stay on track. Do not repeat the old things and get over the old issues.

Sometimes you have to let go

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Sometimes you have to let go

A relationship is all about growing together and becoming a better version of yourself, and a better lover. Some fights and problems are a part of a healthy relationship as they help you love and know each other more. But not all problems are made to be fixed.

Sometimes it becomes toxic to be with someone. You cry more and laugh less, you break down emotionally and your mental health keeps on degrading. You try to fix the broken relationship but it does not work. You lose your self-respect in saving your relationship. when you feel all such things, you must let it go. It was never meant for you.

Final thoughts

A relationship is a roller-coaster ride full of adventures and ups & downs. You must think twice before taking any decision with your partner and should try to resolve the issue if possible. Do not stay in a toxic relationship because nothing will fix that damage which you have caused to yourself,

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when you are physically apart more often than not?

Physical closeness does not always relate to sex. They are more about holding hands, hugging, and cuddling. Lack of these gestures creates a loss of trust in a relationship.

What should I do if my partner is being unfaithful?

It is the sign of a red flag. Try to talk once, give them a chance but still if it does not work, just let it go.

What can you do to rebuild trust?

You should apologize for the hurt you have caused them, and assure them you won’t repeat it again. You need to give them time to come out.

What are the consequences of not talking about it?

It will create misunderstandings and will show as if you are not interested in them, and will ultimately lead you to fall apart.

What are the best ways to get through a difficult marriage?

Communicate, spend quality time, intimacy, Build trust, and learn to compromise.

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