Difference Between Dating And Being In Relationship

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Difference between dating and relationship

We might be with someone but are we in a relationship or just dating each other? The difference between dating and a relationship is important to be in knowledge. It might be a possibility that you are just casually involved with someone but the other one is serious about you.

In such cases, the feelings of your partner will get hurt, and eventually, they will feel shattered. They will feel ditched and they will not be able to trust anyone again.

If you are dating, you both should be casually involved and if you are in a relationship, you both should be serious. By knowing the difference between dating and a relationship, you will get to know where should you give your efforts and love and where you should not!

Difference between dating and relationship

What is dating?

If your mind is confused about the difference between dating and being in a relationship, know the definition of each phrase individually. Exclusive dating is when you and your partner are hanging out together casually. You go out on dates, discuss each other’s life, spend time together, or watch movies together.

Although dating is a stage of a romantic relationship and there are various stages of a relationship, it does not relate to a committed relationship. While dating, you have some traits of a committed relationship but not all. You are dating someone may be because you have a liking towards them, are sexually attracted to them or you may have a specific reason for a dating relationship.

Being with someone without being answerable to them for everything casual involvement without a goal of a long-term relationship is what is dating called. Dating does not necessarily involve love but it is just casually seeing someone without thinking about the future.

What is being in a relationship? 

What is being in a relationship?

To know the difference between dating and a relationship, you must know what is a relationship. An exclusive relationship involves two people in a committed relationship who have mutual trust and emotional intimacy between them.

A romantic and long-term relationship involves closeness and a high level of commitment. You and your partner will share each and everything with each other, you will try to explore each other’s dark side and will know the vulnerability and insecurities of each other.

Unlike casual dating, you will embrace each other’s imperfections and will be willing to forgive each other’s mistakes. Above everything, there is love that prevails between you and your partner. No matter what, you both will never stop loving each other.

What is being in a relationship? 

Dating vs Relationship

If you date someone, you might not be in a relationship. There is a difference between dating and being in a relationship. Although both of these falls in the relationship territory but with a difference.

1. The biggest point of difference between dating and relationships is commitment. In casual dating, there is an absence of commitment while in intimate relationships commitment for the future is the basic key.

2. The second area of dating and relationship difference is Communication. The couples who are involved in casual dating do not communicate every little thing to each other. They are confined to limited communication.

The ones who are involved in the deep relationships communicate every single detail about everything. They are not obliged to do so but they find peace in doing it.

3. Next focus of dating vs relationship is priorities. In a dating relationship, both of you are not so serious about each other so you may not be first priority of each other. Your family relations or friends can be your first priority.

In a committed relationship, you both are the top priority for each other. You will think for each other in every decision and phase of your life.

4. Another difference between dating and relationships is the level of trust. If you are dating someone, it is not necessary that you trust them because you are seeing them for a specific reason.

In a romantic relationship, trust is the root of the relationship. You are in a relationship because you trust each other completely.

5. Further point to clear you about is dating a relationship is independence. In casual; dating, you both are free to meet anyone anytime or have any kind of social life, or flirt on dating apps.

In a deep relationship, you have independence but you are just committed to a single person and maybe you have commitment issues. You cannot hang out with a stranger at any moment in life.

6. The blooming of expectations after a period of time in a romantic relationship creates another line of difference between dating and a relationship. You expect their time, understanding, gifts from them, and a lot of things.

When you date someone, you do not expect anything from each other. You do not have the pressure of coping with each other’s expectations.

7. Another focus of the dating and relationship difference is of “us” and “I” statements. While dating as there is no future perspective, more “I” statements are used. In a relationship, you both talk about “us”. likewise when will “we” meet next?

8. Dating vs relationship can be just physical intimacy vs emotional intimacy. While dating, you are just physically attracted to each other and you do not connect to each other’s souls. While in a committed relationship, both emotional and physical intimacy is present.

9. When you casually date someone, you do not introduce your close friends and family members to them necessarily but when you are serious about your partner, you do it. You feel that your partner should know who is important to you.

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Before you jump on to any decision in your life you both should discuss, “are we in a relationship or just dating!” Dating in modern times is a very casual concept. People hang out together for some time and they break up.

That’s the difference between dating and a relationship. You cannot just be with someone for some time and then leave them without any explanation. You need to be with each other in all the thicks and thins of your life. It is a lifelong commitment to a person.

You should be clear about dating vs relationship because your future in romance depends on it!


Can you be dating but not in a relationship?

Yes Of course! You might be seeing someone for a specific reason but you are not committed to them.

When to move from casual dating to a relationship?

When you reach that stage of dating when you start trusting them, feel serious about them, and think of a future together.

Is it okay for dating not to be converted into a relationship?

It is completely okay to not convert dating into a relationship. You may not love everyone you like.

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